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TumbleSeed - Paxpresions

I first learned about TumbleSeed because it’s one of the select games that is going to coming to the Nintendo Switch. So when I saw it I was drawn to play it. From only previously hearing the concept I was very intrigued. It’s a game about a seed who goes on a quest to reach the top of a mountain. The developer likes to call it a rolly roguelike because it;s roguelike in the idea that each time you have to start at the base camp and work your way to the top, but it’s also a game where you don’t control your character directly, you control a vine that your seed rolls along. The inspiration for the game came from the old arcade games like Ice Cold Beer, where you are attempting to raise a ball to the top of the game, avoiding holes along the way.

I’ve never been much for roguelikes, but this game has me intrigued. Talking with Benedict from the team, he told me there would be ways to teleport your way from the start up the mountain, that way you don’t have to work your way up to a chall…