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Podcast Post!

This week I was on a podcast called Community Podcast Unlocked. It was quite long. We talk extensively about our favorite games of the year, and compile a list of 10 games we can all say defined our year in videogames. The format of the podcast is Mixcloud like a few of the Beer and Bacon Gaming podcasts were if you have been following me that long. Personally I have the Mixcloud app on my phone so I can listen to it. Whatever your flavor of choice I recommend you give it a listen, I mean I'm on it! Any feedback is as always appreciated.

Community Podcast Unlocked - Episode 7 - GOTY Discussion by Community Podcast Unlocked on Mixcloud

The week in games that was December 8th

This is the first "This week in games" so I'll start off by explaining the rules. The rules are mainly for me since your just the reader, but your rule can be to make sure I stand by the rules. This segment is going to contain all the games I played this week. Games are everywhere and even on a week I thought I didn't play any games I probably just meant I didn't get any rounds of Halo 4 in. So this is going to be a wrap up of all the gaming I did for the week. I'll leave my impressions and thoughts on the games in the moment but this in no way represents a review for the game. Maybe I had a bad week playing borderlands 2, doesn't mean the games bad I just hit a hiccup in the game and didn't have fun this week. So enough of the rambling and on to the gaming.

This week I started by played some of the beta for Dust 514. I just got my invite to the beta so I was excited to hop on and try the platform and genre defying game. If your not familiar with it,…

Food for thought

I think about the digital revolution a lot. I've even written about it on here before. But the other day I had a new thought. When it comes to Xbox, PS3, Wii U, PS Vita, and 3DS (the major gaming platforms) most people buy their games at a store, take them home, and play them (except for the DS and Vita, you break that bad boy open in the car and play on the drive home.) But when it comes to PC games a majority of players download their games right at home. This disconnect has always just seemed like a cultural difference between the two communities. I have a new theory though. The fact that you can trade and sell your old console games holds people back from buying digital.

Ever since I started seriously gaming, about 10 years ago, there has been no way to sell my old PC games. They came on CDs that were easily burned and shared (I remember having a burned copy of StarCraft and using the number 3 to fill in the CD key). Speaking of CD keys, that's another reason you can'…

Weekend Warrior

Did you know that it's really hard to blog on the weekends? Life just flies at you and makes you take it. Now I made a few choices in the past few days that might have left me with a little bit less Brett time than I could have used, but I'm just craving to sit down a play Borderlands 2. Why don't I go do that right now? Well I'm going to! This is going to be super short. See below where there is very minimal text? That's the end. No joke! I'm just going to cop out and post another podcast for you all (I need to catch up anyway)

The only bit of gaming bloginess I wanted to bring up was my last post was very poorly received. Could have to do with the fact that I posted it at about noon on a Thursday, but it was a really important one. I'm not trying to be a broken record if you passed over reading it the first time for what ever reason, but I'm participating in a 24 hour long gaming marathon on Oct 20th to raise money to Children's hospitals. All I n…

Extra Life: Unlocking this October 20th

You can't see it but I'm giddy like a school girl right now. If you missed it last year I participated in a fabulous event around this time to raise money for Children's Miracle Hospitals through videogaming. This year I am again going to raise money and participate in a 24 hour gaming event to give happiness and health to kids in need. I'm playing in support of Boston Children's Hospital again this year I and hope to raise $500. The link to my donation page is here!

Beside being super excited for the fundraising, I'm pumped that I'm going to have company this year. I'm on team Extra Life: Unlocked. This is a group of like minded folks that have been so gracious to let me into their online community and together we have created a team to participate in Extra Life this year. If you want to join the team or the cause I highly support the decision. We are a band of Xbox gamers just to put that out there.

Feel free to read my public address on my donation …

It's Here!!!

Why am I excited you ask? Easily explained. Borderlands 2 is here! Today Borderlands 2 released and sweet gaming goodness is being had everywhere. I have a bad habits of over hyping myself for games in the past and getting let down (Fable 2, Dragon Age Origins), but this time will be different. I don't get this excited very easily but the first Borderlands is hands down my favorite game from this console generation. I can't think of any game I have enjoyed more or played me than Borderlands one. I have not has the pleasure of playing Borderlands 2 yet (working in retail makes you kinda busy around releases like this) but I will be playing soon and letting you all know what I think about it.
This blog isn't about what Brett's excited for though. It's about thegames! And here are the reasons you should be excited for Borderlands 2 as much as I am. There is a whole new cast of characters to chose from. All four are similar to our old friends from the first game but d…

Podcast 3!

Hey Kiddies! I'm back in my old habits of only updating once a week. Shame, shame on me. Alrighty I have learned my lesson... for now. Mwahaha!

Any who, I wanted to give you all a little treat. The podcast I so graciously host every week has been rolling right along like a well old oiled machine. We have a bunch sitting in the bank and in my typical fashion I have not been posting them here for your listening pleasure. So let me rectify that today by getting to you guys episode 3.

Ta Da! It's a podcast!

I hope you all can enjoy the delicious 56 minutes of podcastness I have for you, because that's all I have for you right now! Hope it's enough. Don't worry more juicy blogging is to come, just keep those dials tuned here. But until next time...

Sad to say but I'm excited for Fable

In my quest to hate everything, I have had a distaste for the Fable series since the second game. I didn't get my Halo converter (aka original Xbox) until late in its short life cycle. Therefore I didn't play too many games on it. I was still a Playstation 2 kid during that time. Being a fan of the fantasy though, a new game called Fable coming out for the Xbox looked quite intriguing. I didn't know much about it, I wasn't following game journalism very closely at the time, but wanted to give the game a try. I had heard from a few people that some of the things that the game was going to try and do were very ambitious and after the game launched I then heard that it didn't pull them off very well. I enjoyed the game none the less and anticipated the sequel when it was announced for the Xbox 360. At this point in my life I was following game journalism a bit more and was able to see how Fable 2 was coming along. Peter Molyneux, if you didn't know was the creati…

Gamestop Managers Conference: The Final Chapter

Well that title might be some what of a lie. Hopefully I can squeeze one or two more posts about my experience at the GameStop conference, but it is my last day here in Texas. As promised I waned to talk about three games that I will got turned around on while I was here.

The first is X-COM. Seems like there has been an awful lot rehashing old IP's this year (Sydiate, Kid Icarus). A lot of these older games I never played so I have had zero interest in getting into them now.  X-COM is one of those games. The announcement of a reboot years ago for a first person shooter did nothing for me. Most of the rest of the community was pretty psyched but I guess jokes on them because years later the game is still in development hell. So why would I now be excited about this game? Well I'm not, not at all. What I am excited for is  X-COM : Enemy Unknown, the turn based strategy game that is actually coming out this year. When  X-COM  (shooter reboot) was announced people seemed surprise…

Gamestop Managers Conference Day Two

I wouldn't pass up this opportunity just to stay home and work but boy am I pooped. I'm still attending my corporate retreat, the GameStop managers conference where we get a look what's coming in quarter four this year. The days are long and the nights are short. None the less I'm having a great time. We have been asked a few times not to video or capture what we have been seeing, but only once were we asked to not talk about what's been going on. So I should be in the clear to talk at length about what I have been seeing.As I mentioned yesterday I wanted to start putting up details of what I have been seeing so you all can revel in the excitement with me. Pretty much every AAA game and game company is here. EA, Activision, Ubisoft just to name a few. There have also been some company's here I would not expect. Majestico  (Cooking Mama) and PDP (accessory manufacture). Regardless everything has been great. I've seen great games like Medal of Honor and Resid…

Day one of conference!

Hot dog have I been busy the past few days. I just flew down to Texas yesterday as I mentioned last week. Flying yesterday reminded me that I have not flown in several years. The last time I was on a real plane must have been for years ago when I flew to Disney for a high school chorus thing. I can't even remember a single thing about those flights except that we rode Jet Blue and Elton John's 'This Train Don't Stop' song played over and over again. So yesterday after arriving and checking in and the whole gambit we got into the meat and bones of the conference, 3DS street passing. I joke but its really true. I street passed like a boss all day. I never got the whole puzzle thing done the first time around. I mostly goofed with the Find Mii business. This conference is a great chance to catch up on a lot of these puzzle pieces. I get ten street passes and then immediately after have ten more. Its crazy! But really the conference has been great. Some things I was sw…

Tablet Typing

Hey all. With just one day before my big trip to Texas, I got my new tablet. I'm sitting in bed goofing around on it and its going quite well. Blog formating might be a pain, but the written word is what matters does it not? I thought I would just post one quick one for you all today while trying out the tablet. If anything is to wonky please let me know. So no game buzz today but we have plenty of time for that in the coming week. But for now...

The Walking Dead - A Review... Sort Of

Preface- Hey readers, I wanted to preface this piece by explaining the title. I have been playing Telltale's The Walking Dead. I have played it to the point where I want to write a review. The tricky thing is the game is episodic. As of this writing there are only two of the five episodes released. So at first I though I'd treat each episode as it's own game. But then it seemed like the game is really a whole all together. Although the episodes are all directed by different members of the team at Telltale, they all seem to (so far) follow the game group of survivors. So I'm going to start by giving my impression of each episode and then once they are all out I'll give a final score and verdict.

The Walking Dead seems to be springing up everywhere now a days. The once small comic has now spawned a popular AMC TV show, grown to over 100 issues, and now has a video game. Telltale, the guys behind Sam and Max, Jurasic Park, and Back to the Future, are the ones at the h…

Battleblock Theater ... Water Bottle?

Hey Everybody!
Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I meant to a long time ago. As you might know I'm a huge Battleblock Theater fan. What's that? What's Battleblock Theater? Never heard of the greatness? Good thing I blogged about it so you can get a refresher course (Link). Battleblock Theater is still not out, and there is no release date or anything like that. But I'm still amped about the game.

A few months back I had a buddy of mine custom paint me a Battleblock Theater water bottle. I'm so in love with this thing. A one of a kind delight. So I took some pictures for you all. Hopefully this wets your appetite for the game, or maybe it is just going to get me jazzed.

As you have all seen the art style of the game because you avidly read my other post about BBT, this water bottle really captures the style of the game. My favorite part is the big reindeer monster.

We have been mentioning Battleblock Theater on the podcast and that is what has got me thinking a…

Day 9 - Saddest Game Moment

So this blog has ended up being pretty personal for me. Bearing my feelings on the page for you all! But what some of you might not know is that I'm a pretty big wuss. Sad movies make me cry. So the topic of saddest game moment might bring a few tears to my eye. Being a big RPG/ story focused gamer I have seen my share of sad moments. Also I'll say now, this might have some spoilers, very very old spoilers.

The moment I want touch on first might have had to be at the top of my list. Many would call it a classic. But since it was ruined for me before I started playing the game it wasn't a very sad moment when I finally arrived at it. It was actually a quite frustrating part of the game for me. Aerith's death in Final Fantasy is the moment I am referring to. When I started playing the game I was instructed to not worry about leveling her up since she dies later in the game. I spent the whole game with her on the side lines, until the Temple of the Ancients where she is f…


So this post is named Gotcha! for good reason. About three weeks ago I wrote a post detailing why I had not written for most of July. I was going to write everyday after that. As you can see, that didn't happen (Unless your some kinda of time traveling cyborg that is reading this blog long after it's contents have been written). My life has been pretty crazy, and I  know that's always the excuse I always have, but come on, it's always true! I could ramble on about how I got a promotion at work and that would really be where all my time has been going, and that's all true, but on the other hand I think I really just needed a break from all this. I took a bit of last month off and pretty much all of August. This writing thing is really daunting, you know? Trying to blog everyday, come up with clever things to say, keep interesting conversation, start a real writing career. It's a big load to bear. You could say I cracked under a little pressure. I wouldn't sa…

What happens when you open that old chest in the attic

*Creek* What's in in here? *Blow away dust* *Cough-Cough* Aw man a old dusty blog. I wonder how long this has been sitting here untouched? I bet it has been decades, or at least a few weeks. I wonder what happened? Did the writer lose focus? Get busy? Die? I bet he went on vacation, had a really bad internet connection and a lot of other things to do. And when he came back there was so much to catch up on it fell by the wayside. But now that it's unearthed it can regain it's sucessfulness once again! And I'm just the guy to do it!

Let's see, it was left off on what seems like an exciting adventure spanning 30 days in which the writer was bearing his soul on the page from his video game past. We can continue that easily! Only problem is that we don't know what the rest of the topics were going to be...

I guess we will just have to create some of our own with the magic of wordsmithery.

Let's see... How about something like the saddest game moment?! That sound…

Day 8 - Best Soundtrack

Hot dog this is a fun topic. I'm not a huge music buff and sound isn't on the list of top things I look for in a game, but I do appreciate it when it is there. Videogame music is also great to listen to while not playing games too. It's great productive music, I usually listen to a shuffled play list while I blog.

Music has always had it's place in games. You could even argue that the timed beeps of Pong were quite rhythmic. Some of my more favorable soundtracks come from some of my favorite games. Final Fantasy Tactics has a great sound track. Hearing those songs take me right back to those fond memories. Katamari also holds a special place in my heart. The kooky Japanese soundtrack is definitely one of the games highlights.

Everyone knows the classics like Mario, Sonic, and Halo (that's right Halo is a classic). This time though I'm not going to cop out and pick one of those classics, although they are very good. My favorite soundtrack is...

Bastion! If you h…

Day 7 - Favorite Game Couple

Day seven! Let's do this! I actually gave this topic a lot of thought today. Even mulled it over during a nice mile long hike. So today we, aka I, pick a favorite videogame couple. Videogame couples have been a part of the genre since it's inception. A love story is always easy to tell, so it's no surprise that once videogames started telling simple stories this is where they started. When Pac-Man first chased Mrs. Pac-Man it was on like Donkey Kong. Since videogame's birth we have seen relationships in games in many forms. Every entry in the epic Final Fantasy series has to have its side love story, and pretty much every other RPG has a love story as well. These motifs are everywhere.

One of the newest game couples I have come across is in Lollipop Chainsaw. The whole game your boyfriends head is attached to your hip, and their back and forth do a lot to keep the game flowing. So not only are game couples cute side stories, they play a part in the bigger gaming pictur…

Day 6 - Most Annoying Character

Sorry for the long wait. I know it has been a few days since my last post and I meant to keep this month going everyday but my vacation caught up to me. For those of you who didn't notice my absence, I'm glad for you, you have missed nothing. I'm going to continue with the 30 Day Videogame Challenge. no worries. I guess I'll just have to ramp it up a notch and do two a day to catch up. As you can tell by my subject (like always!) today's topic is "Most Annoying Character." These guys are pretty easy to pick up on because everyone complains about them. Jar Jar Binks comes to mind as someone everyone loves to hate.

Videogames has it's share of annoying characters too. Navi from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, although quite helpful, is super annoying. And while we are on the topic of Zelda, Tingle is a pretty annoying dolt as well. But this isn't a list of all annoying character it's the most annoying. My most annoying character has to be...

The King fr…

Day 5 - Game Character you feel most like

Welcome back all. Here we are, on day five of my videogame challenge. Super surprised I have not missed a beat. But as the clock dials down we should get down into the meat and potatoes of today's topic before we run into tomorrow.

Today's topic is "Game character you feel most like." I seriously have not giving this much thought. The few questions from the past few days it's easy to come up with an answer pretty quickly, especially if your a gamer like I am. I'm always thinking of games I like and why I like them,but this question is a bit off the beaten path though.

With the introduction of Facebook I have loved seeing what pictures people post as their profile picture. From time to time you get some one who has posted a cartoon character that is just like them or has a very clear resemblance. One of my friends looks just like the kid from How to Train Your Dragon. I have really never had this sort of resemblance though. I'm always told I look normal, a…

Day 4 - Guilty Pleasure game

Today's topic of "Guilty Pleasure Game" reminds me a lot of yesterdays topic of "An Under Rated Game". Seems like the definition is 'a game I enjoy regardless of the fact that most people dislike it'. I guess the difference when it comes to a Guilty Pleasure game is you hide it for one reason or another. It's hard to think of a game I play that I hide from others. I usually tweet what ever I'm playing no matter how small or insignificant it is. The first game that comes to mind is The Sims. I usually don't play the game for too long. I'll play a few days for a week and then not touch it for months or a year. But I don't really hide the fact that I enjoy The Sims.

I'm not a typical gamer. I do enjoy epic RPG's and the latest military shooter, but I also love puzzle games and small indie games. When Mr. Gamer approaches me and wants to talk games I usually say that I just got done playing Iron Brigade on my Xbox and have been e…

Day 3 - A game that is under rated

Welcome back to what is shaping up to be such a nice month. I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July. Is that dating myself? I am I not supposed to do that? Expect everyone to read this the day it comes out and then never again after that... Well happy what ever day it is to you sir or madam.

Today's topic is "A game that is under rated". Again I am flying by the seat of my pants, having done no preparation for this. When I think of a game that is under rated, it makes me think of something that is bad but I enjoyed regardless. Or maybe something that is good but not acknowledged by most others.

The most recent one that comes to mind is...

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam on the Wii. In the early days of the Wii there was not much to play. I was excited at the thought of having a party system and enjoying lots of games with friends. I was just starting college, and although I had lots of friends, no one was really knocking on my door to play the Wii. In the end it wasn…

Day 2 - Favorite Character

Now you'd think that I'd put some thought into this before I start typing, but I just woke up and saw today's writing prompt. And when I say writing prompt I mean my writing prompt. If you want to join in and do this 30 day challenge you don't need to do such a big spectical as I am doing. The other guys I know that have done it just did a picture and a sentence or two. So it's pretty free form, don't feel boxed in.

But on to my favorite character. For the longest time I played RPG's pretty exclusively, which lends its self to some great stories and in turn some great characters. Final Fantasy VI was one of my first RPG's and I loved  one of the main characters, Locke. He was a pretty bad ass guy. Mario games have always been fun, but there isn't much to his character. Having played all the Halo games pretty religiously I never connected with Master Chief either. I feel like most of the games I play now are more about the game mechanics than the cha…

30 Day Videogame Challenge

Hey all! Here is the surprise you have all been waiting for. Actually quick quiz, how many people reading this actually were looking forward to this surprise? Leave a one word comment below if you could. You can comment anonymously so you all have no excuse.

Back to what I was saying, the big surprise is that I'm going to do the 30 Day Videogame Challenge. It's not as challenging as the title sounds, but fun none the less. A few friends of mine did this what must have been a year ago, and I told them all I would do it too. So here I am, fulfilling that promise.

The 30 Day Videogame Challenge is a list of videogame moments that I'm going to tailor to my own life. The first one is "What was your first videogame?" They are not terribly hard, but it's nice to look back on all the games I have played in my life and tell that story.

So to kick things off "What was your first videogame?"

Obviously thinking back this far is a bit tough. I mean I was born in…

3DS XL and my thoughts

So I have some words to say about an announcement that was made recently. And you guessed it because I already said it (aka the subject). 3DS XL! So many thoughts on this. This is not the first time I have ranted about the 3DS. If you didn't catch my first rant because it was on facebook, I rambled on about how I regretted buying a 3DS because of the price drop and lack of games in the first year of release.
 "I think Nintendo pulled the curtain over my eyes for awhile there, but now I see clearly, $250 was way too much to spend on something that I have gotten little value from."
Last week Nintendo announced a 3DS XL to release this August in the states. In my head I have given much though on what to do when it comes to the 3DS. At first I wasn't even going to get one because I didn't want any of the launch games. I ended up buying one on launch day because off all the exciting capabilities it had, and 3D was at the bottom of that list of exciting features by the w…

Incy Wincy Break

Hey all! Some of you might have noticed no posts in about a week. Oops! That one was my fault. I started a few posts but as time went on my excitement to finish them waned and now they sit in the limbo that is my unfinished projects folder. In like a year I should just post a bunch of unfinished pieces, see how that turns out.

But back to my main point, I have not been writing! It has been for a couple of reasons (excuses!). I have been gearing up for a big project in July. So get amped. I teased my July project on Twitter. If you want to stay super current with what I'm doing, it's going to show up on there. @Caulif. That is a bit easier to put quick updates on, rather than a long blog post. The other reason is that I have been trying to go multimedia for you all. I have been working on getting a weekly YouTube video going, and possibly a weekly podcast as well. So far the quality coming out of these projects has been awful, but hey so was my blog when I first started! My las…

What I'm Watching!

On the verge of starting a new segment called What I'm Playing! I decided to spin it off before it started, into What I'm Watching! The playing segment is going to come soon, but for now I wanted to give you a tid bit on what I'm watching.

If you have not heard to up roar from the indie scene, a little movie came out last week called Indie Game: The Movie. I proceeded to buy my digital copy for the fair price of ten bucks and watched it promptly. The movie looks at the lives of the three indie devs behind the games Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Fez. I have bought and play all of these games, so all the more reason I was interested. The reason these games were picked is because they each fell about a year apart from one another, and all at different times in the indie scene. During the filming process Braid had already debuted, Super Meat Boy was on the brink of coming out, and Fez was missing it's release window but still a work in progress. Enjoy the trailer below if you…

Review: Lollipop Chainsaw

Am I allowed the preface this by saying this is my first review? Boom shakalaka I just did. In the time line of things I know I said this review would come out Friday and today would be more E3 things, but I finished the game and got the review done, so I thought I'd post it in a timely manner. More E3 stuff tomorrow. This being my first review, I'd love critical feedback. As I mentioned in the past, and as it says over by my picture, I want to be a freelance videogame journalist, so I'm always looking to improve my writing. I hope you all like it, and I have done you proud.

If you take one look at Lollipop Chainsaw you will have a pretty good idea of what the game is about. If you were thinking the answer was killing zombies and rainbows you would be correct. Lollipop Chainsaw is a Grasshopper/Suda 51 joint (No More Heroes, Killer 7) and it is very easy to tell that Suda's flair comes off in the game. It's zany, it's loud, and it's in your face. All of tho…

Why Tomb Raider Impressed Me

As you might have summed up, Microsoft was what I had my eyes glued on during E3. They showed Halo and premiered Splinter Cell, but what really got my attention was Tomb Raider. Swimming past all the BS about Lara's moaning sounds and objectifying women, I loved the trailer they showed at E3. I have kept a safe distance away from Tomb Raider since it's announcement, and mostly because I have never played a Tomb Raider game. I have also not been huge into action adventure. If it was not a turn-based rpg or shooter I never really dove very deep. Now in my old age I'm regretting missing all these great games. I have been dying to play Sly Cooper ever since that trilogy was released on PS3, and I might snap if another person tells me that Uncharted is god-like before I get around to playing it. None the less, I have never played Tomb Raider or had any sort of affinity towards it.

This all changed last week. Microsoft brought out a few guys from Crystal Dynamics on to their E3 …

Top 3 games that impressed me at E3

More E3 junk! Doesn't this guy know that ended last week. Yes, yes I do. Thanks for the hate mail, haters. That's completely false, no one has mailed in any mail, hate or otherwise. But you totally should. Not the hate part, that shit gets moved to spam. But the other mail, the happy mail. I'd love to get some E-mails that I could answer, so send your questions in. I'm going to be tweaking the looks and hopefully interactivity of the blog here this week, so I'll try and add in an "E-mail me" button for you all. If I do you better damn well press it, it will probably take a lot of work to add that button.

But back on point, because I know that catchy headline drew in your attention. I thought while I worked on that juicy Lollipop Chainsaw review, I'd wet your appetite with some more E3 impressions. There were a few games there that really got me wanting a time machine to travel to the future in. So i'll talk about the top three in the next few days…

I got on the Internet again!

Not much gaming going on at the moment (I mean have you seen the weather), but I wanted to post up that gaming was coming. I'm planning on writing a review for Lollipop Chainsaw, so stay tuned for that later this week.

And here comes the real reason I wanted to post today. I got back on the internet today! As some of you might have seen, from my last post, I wrote a little piece to contribute to a community event on IGN Xbox over the weekend. The piece went up this morning and my writing showed up on it. I was so stoked I jumped from my computer chair and could not control my excitement. It pretty much made my day, week, month, year. Alright maybe not year, but I was pretty freaking jazzed. So here is the link if you want to check it out. I wrote the part that says Brett Marden, but you already knew that. I appreciate all the kudos I have gotten so far and I'll be back later in the week with more gaming goodness. Cheers!

Xbox E3 reaction

This piece is intended not only entertainment, but also for a community event with IGN put on by Mitch Dyer. Hopefully Mitch likes what we sees and everybody can read this Monday on
Edit: I ended up making the cut, the article can be read here!

I was looking forward to the Microsoft press event more than anything else at the show.
Things have been pretty dead in the water with them since the Xbox started flying off
shelves and they focused on Kinect. At the show, Microsoft really surprised me with the
direction they are going in this next year. While there wasn't one stand-out reason to go buy
a Kinect, all the dynamic features together sell the product really well. The voice recognition
in Splinter Cell was genius, and Wreckateer looks like a lot of fun.

The Tomb Raider and Halo 4 gameplay they showed sold me on both games. I had been
leaning away from these games, but now I must have them in my collection. All of the sports
stuff was the low point for me. All the ESPN an…

Year of the Bow

Has this E3 been the year of the bow or what. It seems like a lot of games are going the jungle route. Which in turn mean that the main character wields a bow. Tomb Raider did it at the Microsoft conference, Crysis 3 did it at the EA conference, and then Far Cry 3 did it at the Ubisoft conference. Assassins Creed 3 also showed bows at every conference it was at. Guess it's the year of the 3's again too.

It's just something that I have noticed through watching all the press events. Nothing has really wow'ed me yet, and I doubt anything will since most of the announcements are over with now it's just getting the press overage done with. Been trying to keep on it as much as possible, but there really is a lot coming out of LA right now. Send me any questions you want answered  and I can post them up next week or if you just want to chat leave a comment and I'll get back at you.

Information Overload

Anyone who is anyone I'm sure is knee deep in E3 information that is spewing out of LA at every moment this week. Me in my humble blog could not keep up with everything that is going on so I'm not going to try, I'm just going to enjoy watching what comes out of the event. I just watched the Nintendo press conference, which is the last of the big three. I caught up with the Microsoft one this morning and caught some of the Sony one live last night. Well worth watching if your a fan of any of the platforms.

I'm not a Sony fan but the games they showed off looked amazing. Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dreams new game, looks incredibly beautiful. The Nintendo press conference was all about Wii U and they are having a separate event tomorrow for 3DS. Everything made me want to buy a Wii U. My Wii was incredibly under used, and I'm sure a Wii U would be as well, but I want to have one to play around with. Just looks incredibly fun.

Micrsoft was lack luster as anticipated. T…

Electronic Entertainment Expo

'It's the most wonderful time of the year!' Well maybe the second most, as gamers we sort of like when all the games come out during the holidays. But this is the time of the year when all the games are announced. Well for the most part...

A few weeks ago I started an E3 predictions post. That got wrapped up in a cluster of posts I started and didn't finish. I got around to posting them all but just not the E3 one. Just ran out of time. But E3 is here so I guess there is no need for predictions. Sadly I will not be around today to watch the Microsoft press conference, but will be able to see the other big two. Just to give you a short time line of them, Microsoft presents today at Noon EST, Sony is at 9pm EST, and Nintendo is tomorrow at Noon EST. There are many other press events such as an EA one and Ubisoft as well. And if your really itching already, Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct last night unveiling some Wii U features, if that's your thing. Can't wait to…

Humble Indie Bundle

If I had to stick my gaming interests down to one dial on the spectrum, I'd have to go with mainstream indie games. Now this sounds backwards in all sorts of ways, but let me explain. Why didn't he say FPS or RPG? I love those games but I can't get over the artistic and simplistic nature of indie games. What the hell does he mean by mainstream indie games? The indie scene is huge, and I dare not call myself and expert in the category. I'm always being surprised by what is out there, that has been there for years, but I don't know about until it comes up in conversation. So what I mean by mainstream indie games are those that get into the public eye. It could be by remarkable game play and is getting talked about by the press and by gamers, or games that are getting promoted and marketed in a way that the message reaches a mass audience (like summer of arcade games on XBLA). XBLA is by far in a way my favorite gaming source. I eat up games like Castle Crashers and C…