Day 7 - Favorite Game Couple

Day seven! Let's do this! I actually gave this topic a lot of thought today. Even mulled it over during a nice mile long hike. So today we, aka I, pick a favorite videogame couple. Videogame couples have been a part of the genre since it's inception. A love story is always easy to tell, so it's no surprise that once videogames started telling simple stories this is where they started. When Pac-Man first chased Mrs. Pac-Man it was on like Donkey Kong. Since videogame's birth we have seen relationships in games in many forms. Every entry in the epic Final Fantasy series has to have its side love story, and pretty much every other RPG has a love story as well. These motifs are everywhere.

One of the newest game couples I have come across is in Lollipop Chainsaw. The whole game your boyfriends head is attached to your hip, and their back and forth do a lot to keep the game flowing. So not only are game couples cute side stories, they play a part in the bigger gaming picture when it comes to story arc, gameplay flow, and ambiance.

Again I have rambled on with examples for you all, but my final choice has to be...

Mario and Peach

Mario and Peach. Seem like a bit of a cop out, but how can you beat a classic pair like the two of them. They have endured much together but through it all have remained at each other sides, be it for short spurts before kidnapings, for over 25 years.

My favorite thing about Mario and Peach is their irregular nature. Some times they team up, some times they rescue each other (Peach rescues Mario in Super Princess Peach on the DS don't cha know), and other times they battle against each other. What ever the case they are always a couple in the end.

Other notable couples I thought long and hard about were Tim and his princess from Braid, a very twisted take on the Mario and Peach idea. I also thought about two of the kids from Costume Quest, Lucy and Everett, that get together. The comical way that Doublefine gets these two kids together will make you all laugh.

Game couples are here to stay so I hope you are all ok with it. Hopefully this get's you all to think about them a little bit more and their role in your game playing. Sound off with your favorites below.

The intro to a recent Up At Noon is surprisingly relevant to my topic today. Give it a watch.


  1. Here's a cop out, the companion cube. And GLaDOS' interpretation of the entire situation. Else, I'll vote for Marcus and Moxxi

    1. Marcus and Moxxi? I don't think they are a couple.

      I think you had a bit more of an attachment to the companion cube than I did...


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