Day 4 - Guilty Pleasure game

Today's topic of "Guilty Pleasure Game" reminds me a lot of yesterdays topic of "An Under Rated Game". Seems like the definition is 'a game I enjoy regardless of the fact that most people dislike it'. I guess the difference when it comes to a Guilty Pleasure game is you hide it for one reason or another. It's hard to think of a game I play that I hide from others. I usually tweet what ever I'm playing no matter how small or insignificant it is. The first game that comes to mind is The Sims. I usually don't play the game for too long. I'll play a few days for a week and then not touch it for months or a year. But I don't really hide the fact that I enjoy The Sims.

I'm not a typical gamer. I do enjoy epic RPG's and the latest military shooter, but I also love puzzle games and small indie games. When Mr. Gamer approaches me and wants to talk games I usually say that I just got done playing Iron Brigade on my Xbox and have been enjoying Katamari on my Vita. They look at me like I have three heads and ask how I liked Max Payne 3 or Ghost Recon. I guess that's the divide between hardcore and mainstream gamers? We don't really need labels, but in a way it helps.

Now that I'm pretty off topic, I'm going to have to finalize my answer for today as...

The Sims! I know I spoiled it for you already. The big reveal just isn't the same when I talk about the game at the top of the story (because that big picture I always put doesn't give anything away, right?) After some long and hard thought The Sims really has to be my guilty pleasure game. I'm not ashamed of it, but it really doesn't fit in my repertoire. I enjoy the game on occasion but never really boast about it.

The Sims seems like one of those games you are either really into or not in the least bit. Most people I know that play The Sims get every expansion, and it's what a majority of their gaming time goes in to. For a select minority, like myself, I enjoy the game from time to time. I make my dude and a house, get him a job, and then sort of let him live his life. After I stop playing I imagine my little sim Brett carries on his sim life, going to work, reading cook books to better his culinary skills, and calling everyone in the neighborhood over for afternoon chats.

I'm a casual Sims player and there is nothing that is going to change that. Can you think of a guilty pleasure game? If so leave it down in the comments. But until tomorrow...


  1. Wooo!!! Iron Brigade BABY!!! Yeah, Terraria or dungeons of dredmor are my crack dude. I really shouldn't be the only one consistently commenting. I'm not a stalker...

    1. Your not the only commenter. See comment below.

  2. THE SIMS! I think about every game I play is a guilty pleasure for me--because the only other game (series) I play is Nancy Drew. Hahaha...which, yes, I LOVE to play!

    1. Natalie the hardcore gamer. I think gaming is your guilty pleasure, not the games you play.


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