Day 8 - Best Soundtrack

Hot dog this is a fun topic. I'm not a huge music buff and sound isn't on the list of top things I look for in a game, but I do appreciate it when it is there. Videogame music is also great to listen to while not playing games too. It's great productive music, I usually listen to a shuffled play list while I blog.

Music has always had it's place in games. You could even argue that the timed beeps of Pong were quite rhythmic. Some of my more favorable soundtracks come from some of my favorite games. Final Fantasy Tactics has a great sound track. Hearing those songs take me right back to those fond memories. Katamari also holds a special place in my heart. The kooky Japanese soundtrack is definitely one of the games highlights.

Everyone knows the classics like Mario, Sonic, and Halo (that's right Halo is a classic). This time though I'm not going to cop out and pick one of those classics, although they are very good. My favorite soundtrack is...

Bastion! If you have ever found me at work doing a project in the back room, I'm usually listening to the Bastion soundtrack. It's such a calming, yet energetic piece of work. Of course it spans all of the various game music, so you can follow that roller coaster from beginning to end through the soundtrack.

I fell in love with the game Bastion from the first time I played it last year. When I tried to support the game further and visit their merchandise store online all they were selling was the games soundtrack. I ended up getting it for free from my IGN Prime membership, but also purchased a signed copy at Pax East this past year. It's my go to album when I need some background music.

This is really a sweet soundtrack compilation. It takes all the music from the game and also includes a few extra pieces like an intro by the games narrator and the vocal tracks from the game that you really don't get to appreciate while in the game. Listening to these tracks outside of the game world brings them to life even further, you get to appreciate all the subtleties that go over looked while you are in the heat of battle. Bastion also won 'Best Score' at the Spike VGA's, so that is saying something as well.

I'm sure you all have your favorite videogame soundtracks as well. So let me know in the comments. Until tomorrow,


  1. Chrono Trigger is an all time favorite of mine. Seconded by Final Fantasy 7.

    1. I never got into Chrono Trigger but I'm sure my friend Brian would agree with you, I know he loves that game.

      Final Fantasy 7 definitely has some good memorable beats. I have been enjoying Theatrhythm on the 3DS. Getting to go back and play a lot of classic Final Fantasy tunes.


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