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Gamestop Managers Conference Day Two

I wouldn't pass up this opportunity just to stay home and work but boy am I pooped. I'm still attending my corporate retreat, the GameStop managers conference where we get a look what's coming in quarter four this year. The days are long and the nights are short. None the less I'm having a great time. We have been asked a few times not to video or capture what we have been seeing, but only once were we asked to not talk about what's been going on. So I should be in the clear to talk at length about what I have been seeing.As I mentioned yesterday I wanted to start putting up details of what I have been seeing so you all can revel in the excitement with me. Pretty much every AAA game and game company is here. EA, Activision, Ubisoft just to name a few. There have also been some company's here I would not expect. Majestico  (Cooking Mama) and PDP (accessory manufacture). Regardless everything has been great. I've seen great games like Medal of Honor and Resid…

Day one of conference!

Hot dog have I been busy the past few days. I just flew down to Texas yesterday as I mentioned last week. Flying yesterday reminded me that I have not flown in several years. The last time I was on a real plane must have been for years ago when I flew to Disney for a high school chorus thing. I can't even remember a single thing about those flights except that we rode Jet Blue and Elton John's 'This Train Don't Stop' song played over and over again. So yesterday after arriving and checking in and the whole gambit we got into the meat and bones of the conference, 3DS street passing. I joke but its really true. I street passed like a boss all day. I never got the whole puzzle thing done the first time around. I mostly goofed with the Find Mii business. This conference is a great chance to catch up on a lot of these puzzle pieces. I get ten street passes and then immediately after have ten more. Its crazy! But really the conference has been great. Some things I was sw…

Tablet Typing

Hey all. With just one day before my big trip to Texas, I got my new tablet. I'm sitting in bed goofing around on it and its going quite well. Blog formating might be a pain, but the written word is what matters does it not? I thought I would just post one quick one for you all today while trying out the tablet. If anything is to wonky please let me know. So no game buzz today but we have plenty of time for that in the coming week. But for now...

The Walking Dead - A Review... Sort Of

Preface- Hey readers, I wanted to preface this piece by explaining the title. I have been playing Telltale's The Walking Dead. I have played it to the point where I want to write a review. The tricky thing is the game is episodic. As of this writing there are only two of the five episodes released. So at first I though I'd treat each episode as it's own game. But then it seemed like the game is really a whole all together. Although the episodes are all directed by different members of the team at Telltale, they all seem to (so far) follow the game group of survivors. So I'm going to start by giving my impression of each episode and then once they are all out I'll give a final score and verdict.

The Walking Dead seems to be springing up everywhere now a days. The once small comic has now spawned a popular AMC TV show, grown to over 100 issues, and now has a video game. Telltale, the guys behind Sam and Max, Jurasic Park, and Back to the Future, are the ones at the h…

Battleblock Theater ... Water Bottle?

Hey Everybody!
Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I meant to a long time ago. As you might know I'm a huge Battleblock Theater fan. What's that? What's Battleblock Theater? Never heard of the greatness? Good thing I blogged about it so you can get a refresher course (Link). Battleblock Theater is still not out, and there is no release date or anything like that. But I'm still amped about the game.

A few months back I had a buddy of mine custom paint me a Battleblock Theater water bottle. I'm so in love with this thing. A one of a kind delight. So I took some pictures for you all. Hopefully this wets your appetite for the game, or maybe it is just going to get me jazzed.

As you have all seen the art style of the game because you avidly read my other post about BBT, this water bottle really captures the style of the game. My favorite part is the big reindeer monster.

We have been mentioning Battleblock Theater on the podcast and that is what has got me thinking a…

Day 9 - Saddest Game Moment

So this blog has ended up being pretty personal for me. Bearing my feelings on the page for you all! But what some of you might not know is that I'm a pretty big wuss. Sad movies make me cry. So the topic of saddest game moment might bring a few tears to my eye. Being a big RPG/ story focused gamer I have seen my share of sad moments. Also I'll say now, this might have some spoilers, very very old spoilers.

The moment I want touch on first might have had to be at the top of my list. Many would call it a classic. But since it was ruined for me before I started playing the game it wasn't a very sad moment when I finally arrived at it. It was actually a quite frustrating part of the game for me. Aerith's death in Final Fantasy is the moment I am referring to. When I started playing the game I was instructed to not worry about leveling her up since she dies later in the game. I spent the whole game with her on the side lines, until the Temple of the Ancients where she is f…


So this post is named Gotcha! for good reason. About three weeks ago I wrote a post detailing why I had not written for most of July. I was going to write everyday after that. As you can see, that didn't happen (Unless your some kinda of time traveling cyborg that is reading this blog long after it's contents have been written). My life has been pretty crazy, and I  know that's always the excuse I always have, but come on, it's always true! I could ramble on about how I got a promotion at work and that would really be where all my time has been going, and that's all true, but on the other hand I think I really just needed a break from all this. I took a bit of last month off and pretty much all of August. This writing thing is really daunting, you know? Trying to blog everyday, come up with clever things to say, keep interesting conversation, start a real writing career. It's a big load to bear. You could say I cracked under a little pressure. I wouldn't sa…