Day one of conference!

Hot dog have I been busy the past few days. I just flew down to Texas yesterday as I mentioned last week. Flying yesterday reminded me that I have not flown in several years. The last time I was on a real plane must have been for years ago when I flew to Disney for a high school chorus thing. I can't even remember a single thing about those flights except that we rode Jet Blue and Elton John's 'This Train Don't Stop' song played over and over again.

So yesterday after arriving and checking in and the whole gambit we got into the meat and bones of the conference, 3DS street passing. I joke but its really true. I street passed like a boss all day. I never got the whole puzzle thing done the first time around. I mostly goofed with the Find Mii business. This conference is a great chance to catch up on a lot of these puzzle pieces. I get ten street passes and then immediately after have ten more. Its crazy!

But really the conference has been great. Some things I was sworn to secrecy about, but have been leaked all over the internet anyways. I'll keep my integrity about me though and not talk about that. I was really hoping to have to sign an embargo about something. That would have been so cool but I don't think that is going to happen. I'll get into some of the things I saw tomorrow because in want to keep this short, and I gotta make this whole trip into as many posts as I can (remember E3?). So hopefully I can post this (the wifi situation sucks) but I'll be back in dreary mass soon regardless. But for now...


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