Day 9 - Saddest Game Moment

So this blog has ended up being pretty personal for me. Bearing my feelings on the page for you all! But what some of you might not know is that I'm a pretty big wuss. Sad movies make me cry. So the topic of saddest game moment might bring a few tears to my eye. Being a big RPG/ story focused gamer I have seen my share of sad moments. Also I'll say now, this might have some spoilers, very very old spoilers.

The moment I want touch on first might have had to be at the top of my list. Many would call it a classic. But since it was ruined for me before I started playing the game it wasn't a very sad moment when I finally arrived at it. It was actually a quite frustrating part of the game for me. Aerith's death in Final Fantasy is the moment I am referring to. When I started playing the game I was instructed to not worry about leveling her up since she dies later in the game. I spent the whole game with her on the side lines, until the Temple of the Ancients where she is forced into your party. I pretty much had to play the whole dungeon with two characters because I couldn't keep her alive. When she finally does take the sword from Sephiroth I couldn't have been happier. It was a sad moment for most but my frustration died with her which made me happy.

So since the easy to pick answer is out I'm really going to have to dig into the treasure trove of gaming moments I've had to pick a sad one.And what have I come up with...? Bupkis. Games are pretty inherently happy. If there are sad moments they are usually off set instantly by a happy one. I tried thinking of the ends of all the games I like and they always end on a happy note. The whole game you are fighting towards a goal and when you achieve it, game over. I looked to the internet for advice on this topic and the results were mixed. They brought up some good points, but a lot of the games I had either not played or not finished. There are some great sad moments in Final Fantasy Tactics, a game I am all too familiar with. I forget the end to FF7: Crisis Core, but I guess that was sad. I'm sure it has something to do with Zack dying and Cloud thinking he was Zack.

Alright scratch all that, I have thought of a great sad moment. It is even the end of a game so it makes it all  so much sweet. Drum roll please! Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum...

The ending to Braid! I have to admit the whole time I played Braid I was more entranced with the gameplay mechanics than the actually story of the game, but after beating it I went "Hey, I think there was a story here." So I turned around and went through all the story bits and pieced it together into the sad narrative that it is.

*Spoilers* At the very end of the game you run through a level that looks to be a race to save the princess. When you finally reach her the whole level reverses and you play through it backwards. In doing this it makes you understand that the whole time she is running from you, trying to keep you from her. The first time through was really in reverse. Whoa mind blown. You're really the bad guy. You're the monster. At face value that's what you get. The story can be interpreted in different ways, but I like to take things at face value.

So there it is. I found a the saddest game moment, well at least for me. Let me know what your is. Were you sad at the end of their first world in Mario when you learned that your princess was in another castle? Tell the world in the comments below. But until next time,


  1. Mine was in Ocarina of Time, when Link goes outside for the first time as an adult and Hyrule Castle Town is a wasteland. I swear I had trouble sleeping that night.

    1. I was never really shocked by that. Or at least I don't remember being shocked. The sounds the humping mummies made scared the shit out of me though.

  2. Mass Effect 3, Mordin, Tower Explosion. Was literally crying at that moment.

    Also, your and you're proof-read.

    1. Thanks for the grammar help Jason, I'm pretty terrible when it comes to that. I do indeed proof-read though. I just need some one else to do it as well, but alas I am alone in this writing venture.

    2. If you want someone to do a run through for some basic checking I'm happy to help. Everyone makes those mistakes, the desire to be rid of them is the first step. I'm always happy to assist on that.


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