Gamestop Managers Conference Day Two

I wouldn't pass up this opportunity just to stay home and work but boy am I pooped. I'm still attending my corporate retreat, the GameStop managers conference where we get a look what's coming in quarter four this year. The days are long and the nights are short. None the less I'm having a great time. We have been asked a few times not to video or capture what we have been seeing, but only once were we asked to not talk about what's been going on. So I should be in the clear to talk at length about what I have been seeing.

As I mentioned yesterday I wanted to start putting up details of what I have been seeing so you all can revel in the excitement with me. Pretty much every AAA game and game company is here. EA, Activision, Ubisoft just to name a few. There have also been some company's here I would not expect. Majestico  (Cooking Mama) and PDP (accessory manufacture). Regardless everything has been great. I've seen great games like Medal of Honor and Resident Evil 6 all the way down to not so appealing stuff like NBA Baller Beats. I do have to admit a lot of the time I'm seeing these games they are promoting them in a way that is supposed to make me want to sell them as holiday presents. Also a lot of this has to do with pre-order bonuses (I'm not gong to complain about a free Borderlands 2 calendar though).

A few games have really surprised me though. That's a different blog post altogether though. Not sure why I'd use that as my topic sentence if that's going to be the case, but I'm am getting pretty excited about this holiday season for games. Besides Borderlands 2 there wasn't much for me to be jazzed about. Now there are a few games I'm excited for. I don't want to spoil my other post I'm working on but I did get to play Dishonored and that game looks like a lot of fun. It was already on my radar but now it's looking a lot more serious. Hopefully it comes together great.

Well it seems you guys got me rambling on for quite a while. I'll get into the details of my surprise hits next time but for now know that videogames are not getting any worse. Also for all of you that have been looking forward to Guild Wars 2, enjoy it now that it's out. Just don't forget to keep reading the blog *smile*. Until tomorrow...


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