Day 2 - Favorite Character

Now you'd think that I'd put some thought into this before I start typing, but I just woke up and saw today's writing prompt. And when I say writing prompt I mean my writing prompt. If you want to join in and do this 30 day challenge you don't need to do such a big spectical as I am doing. The other guys I know that have done it just did a picture and a sentence or two. So it's pretty free form, don't feel boxed in.

But on to my favorite character. For the longest time I played RPG's pretty exclusively, which lends its self to some great stories and in turn some great characters. Final Fantasy VI was one of my first RPG's and I loved  one of the main characters, Locke. He was a pretty bad ass guy. Mario games have always been fun, but there isn't much to his character. Having played all the Halo games pretty religiously I never connected with Master Chief either. I feel like most of the games I play now are more about the game mechanics than the characters. Borderlands doesn't really have any standout characters besides the Claptrap, who is just comic relief.

After some hard debating, looking back over my whole life, there is one solid answer I cannot deny. My favorite character is...

Link from the Zelda series. I have long been a Zelda fan. I have played almost all games in the series, and always eagerly anticipate the newest entry in the franchise (I also can't wait to go to the Zelda orchestra concert this fall!)

Link is a hero through and through. He is the Hero of Time for Pete's sake. I have always enjoyed Link as a character. From my first follies as him on the NES, to the countless hours in A Link to the Past on SNES. When he first saves Zelda to when he defetes Ganondorf. Link is just a fun character to explore with. Every time you pick him up not only are you fresh to the game world, but so is he. You get to do all this exploration together.

I know Link is a favorite of many out there, but I'm sure you all have many others as well. Leave you favorite character in the comments below or a link to where you posted yours.


  1. Replies
    1. Your all about Chrono Trigger aren't you Brian. What makes you like Frog so much?

    2. Awesome sword, bad ass story line. Oh and he has booties too.

  2. Toats Link... +1

  3. I gotta say Nathan Drake merely for the fact that the world is constantly and consistently being destroyed around him and he's always got something witty and awesome to say. We need more friends like that at work.

    1. I just started Golden Abyss, and this happens to be my first outing as Nathan Drake. I'm interested to learn more about him.


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