Day 6 - Most Annoying Character

Sorry for the long wait. I know it has been a few days since my last post and I meant to keep this month going everyday but my vacation caught up to me. For those of you who didn't notice my absence, I'm glad for you, you have missed nothing. I'm going to continue with the 30 Day Videogame Challenge. no worries. I guess I'll just have to ramp it up a notch and do two a day to catch up. As you can tell by my subject (like always!) today's topic is "Most Annoying Character." These guys are pretty easy to pick up on because everyone complains about them. Jar Jar Binks comes to mind as someone everyone loves to hate.

Videogames has it's share of annoying characters too. Navi from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, although quite helpful, is super annoying. And while we are on the topic of Zelda, Tingle is a pretty annoying dolt as well. But this isn't a list of all annoying character it's the most annoying. My most annoying character has to be...

The King from Katamari. This dude is so annoying. Not only is he never satisfied by your performance, but he doesn't shut up. Katamari is all about looking where you are going, and when the king keeps putting speech bubbles right in front of you it really messes you up. Dude talks almost as much as my nephew. For every little object rolled up by your Katamari this guy has a comment for it. As time ticks down and you get closer to your goal, the guy pipes up and starts to comment as you scramble to win the round.

You would think after the first game they would have learned their lesson. But a half dozen games later the dude still talks at the most annoying times. I know it's the guys personality but come on now, just shut up!

After being thoroughly annoyed by this guy for several games now I'm still addicted to them and anticipate new ones. Hopefully I can get the Vita one soon, I have been told it is one of the best Vita games. So he can't be so bad if I keep putting up with him, but he still is very annoying. So he wins my most annoying character title.

Any characters you can think of that drive you bonkers? Sound off in the comments below. Maybe you agree with me, but probably not, so let me know who annoys you besides me. But for now,


  1. Other than dude from Katamari I got nothing. Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.


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