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Community Podcast Unlocked Episode 9

So I'm not sure how popular these podcast posts are but your stuck with them so take it.

The good news is that new upgraded from Mix Cloud to an actual good service with helpful tools and things. So here is the [link] to the site where we will be hosting now. You can download, and take it with you or just listen on your computer. We make it so easy for the modern day lifestyle. The show should be subscribable now as well (still working on iTunes), just click on the buttons until it works for you. Or ask me for help and I'll get you hooked up so you'll have every new episode every month.

So enjoy our talk about Dead Space, DMC, and the next gen hardware. Until next time, Cheers!

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Dead Space 3 Co-op

Dead Space 3 was an interesting game for me. Never having played much of the first or any of the second, I was going into Dead Space 3 pretty cold. The only hook that got me was co-op (guess it was a good thing they added it). I ended up enjoying the co-op aspects of this game so much I just had to write about it. Co-op in Dead Space 3 doesn't play like any other game I've played. You and your partner are not just playing as two Master Chiefs, or playing as a character that just so happens to be by the protagonists side, be it AI or human controlled. Instead in Dead Space 3 player two is in control of John Carver, a bodyguard for the captain that has recruited you for this mission.

So what makes this game different is that the scenes of the game play out differently whether or not you have an actual partner playing with you. An example is that a tractor is falling off a slippery hill side (This is a scene from a trailer, so no spoilers). As Isaac Clarke you scurry inside the t…

The Next Generation of Hardware

I talk a lot about the next wave in gaming hardware. If you couldn't tell I'm very excited. So when Sony posted a cryptic teaser video last week, we all knew that it was on.

The rumor mill has been going crazy since the launch of this teaser ad. What is Sony going to talk about at this huge event on February 20th? Everyone thinks it's PlayStation 4 related, but what excatly will it be? Will they show games? A date? A price? No one is sure, but we don't have to wait much longer to find out. For the sake of discussion we are going to assume they are going to at least announce the next PlayStation (verdict is still out on what the name is going to be, I think a reboot to just 'PlayStation' would be awesome.)

One big question this raises is, if this is a new PlayStation announcement where does that leave Microsoft? Obviously Microsoft is planning a next gen system as well. So does this this screw up their plan? Or does Microsoft just continue down their predetermin…