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Top Ten Gaming Moments - 8

Braid is a great game. Everyone favorite moment tends to be at the end when after a whole game of chasing the “Princess” you find out that your the monster she is running from. I enjoyed the small story woven throughout the levels, but I much more enjoyed the puzzles. I love puzzles. Braid lays out its puzzles by altering time, rewind, slow things down, and even more. My favorite moment can not be recreated, but I’m sure anyone who has played this game fully can remember a time when something like this happened to them. I was playing the game with a friend watching and trying to time a certain jump off the back of one of the monsters. After several attempts I had the bugger in my sites and was about to seal the deal on this puzzle piece. I went to go alter time but the little guy just kept strolling by. The little shit was glowing gold and was unaffected by time. The only thing that came to mind was “Woah Woah Woah Speedy Gonzolas, where are you going?” The little dude continued on h…

Top Ten Gaming Moments - 9

The game Elder Scrolls: Oblivion blew me away. If you read my thoughts on Skyrim you know how I feel about the series. But Oblivion was the eye opener for me. My computer was no where close to being able to run it so I bought the first Xbox 360 I could. I played that game so much my eyes hurt. I wasn’t going to pick a specific moment for Oblivion, but one that sums it up is it the beginning of the game when you leave the sewer for the first time and see the world. There was a lot of bloom, but besides that there was an expansive world that I could explore as much as I wanted to. Oblivion really solidified the jump from the xbox and ps2 era into where we are now. The graphics, the npc’s, the quests, and the fighting, it was all amazing. It kept me walking around Tamriel for hours.  It was the beginning of an amazing line of games that I have played in the past 6 years during this console generation.

Top Ten Gaming Moments - 10

Now I had to start off with this one. It's not so much a moment in time or a moment in a game, but one of my best gaming moments was playing Wii sports, specifically Wii bowling. I was an early Wii adopter. I got one for Christmas the year it came out. But I had been playing Wii for a month or so before that at college. Motion controls were crazy. Had never seen anything like it. I had played with the Playstation Eye Toy, but that was nothing compared to this. I was bowling in my living room! Now the Wii got old fast and within a year it started to collect more dust than anything else I owned, but my hat is off to Nintendo for creating such an experience that changed video games for the better, and opened up a door for future innovation.