Top Ten Gaming Moments - 8

Braid is a great game. Everyone favorite moment tends to be at the end when after a whole
game of chasing the “Princess” you find out that your the monster she is running from. I enjoyed the small story woven throughout the levels, but I much more enjoyed the puzzles. I love puzzles. Braid lays out its puzzles by altering time, rewind, slow things down, and even more. My favorite moment can not be recreated, but I’m sure anyone who has played this game fully can remember a time when something like this happened to them. I was playing the game with a friend watching and trying to time a certain jump off the back of one of the monsters. After several attempts I had the bugger in my sites and was about to seal the deal on this puzzle piece. I went to go alter time but the little guy just kept strolling by. The little shit was glowing gold and was unaffected by time. The only thing that came to mind was “Woah Woah Woah Speedy Gonzolas, where are you going?” The little dude continued on his little path while I just sat there in awe that I was not one puzzle piece richer. While my jaw was on the floor, my friend sat next to me laughing his ass off. Not at the fact that I had missed the opportunity I had been lining up for minutes, but because I had said my inner thoughts out loud. This moment has lived on ever since, in our hearts. If you have not enjoyed Braid I recommend it for those who like puzzles and time manipulation.


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