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Weekend Warrior

Did you know that it's really hard to blog on the weekends? Life just flies at you and makes you take it. Now I made a few choices in the past few days that might have left me with a little bit less Brett time than I could have used, but I'm just craving to sit down a play Borderlands 2. Why don't I go do that right now? Well I'm going to! This is going to be super short. See below where there is very minimal text? That's the end. No joke! I'm just going to cop out and post another podcast for you all (I need to catch up anyway)

The only bit of gaming bloginess I wanted to bring up was my last post was very poorly received. Could have to do with the fact that I posted it at about noon on a Thursday, but it was a really important one. I'm not trying to be a broken record if you passed over reading it the first time for what ever reason, but I'm participating in a 24 hour long gaming marathon on Oct 20th to raise money to Children's hospitals. All I n…

Extra Life: Unlocking this October 20th

You can't see it but I'm giddy like a school girl right now. If you missed it last year I participated in a fabulous event around this time to raise money for Children's Miracle Hospitals through videogaming. This year I am again going to raise money and participate in a 24 hour gaming event to give happiness and health to kids in need. I'm playing in support of Boston Children's Hospital again this year I and hope to raise $500. The link to my donation page is here!

Beside being super excited for the fundraising, I'm pumped that I'm going to have company this year. I'm on team Extra Life: Unlocked. This is a group of like minded folks that have been so gracious to let me into their online community and together we have created a team to participate in Extra Life this year. If you want to join the team or the cause I highly support the decision. We are a band of Xbox gamers just to put that out there.

Feel free to read my public address on my donation …

It's Here!!!

Why am I excited you ask? Easily explained. Borderlands 2 is here! Today Borderlands 2 released and sweet gaming goodness is being had everywhere. I have a bad habits of over hyping myself for games in the past and getting let down (Fable 2, Dragon Age Origins), but this time will be different. I don't get this excited very easily but the first Borderlands is hands down my favorite game from this console generation. I can't think of any game I have enjoyed more or played me than Borderlands one. I have not has the pleasure of playing Borderlands 2 yet (working in retail makes you kinda busy around releases like this) but I will be playing soon and letting you all know what I think about it.
This blog isn't about what Brett's excited for though. It's about thegames! And here are the reasons you should be excited for Borderlands 2 as much as I am. There is a whole new cast of characters to chose from. All four are similar to our old friends from the first game but d…

Podcast 3!

Hey Kiddies! I'm back in my old habits of only updating once a week. Shame, shame on me. Alrighty I have learned my lesson... for now. Mwahaha!

Any who, I wanted to give you all a little treat. The podcast I so graciously host every week has been rolling right along like a well old oiled machine. We have a bunch sitting in the bank and in my typical fashion I have not been posting them here for your listening pleasure. So let me rectify that today by getting to you guys episode 3.

Ta Da! It's a podcast!

I hope you all can enjoy the delicious 56 minutes of podcastness I have for you, because that's all I have for you right now! Hope it's enough. Don't worry more juicy blogging is to come, just keep those dials tuned here. But until next time...

Sad to say but I'm excited for Fable

In my quest to hate everything, I have had a distaste for the Fable series since the second game. I didn't get my Halo converter (aka original Xbox) until late in its short life cycle. Therefore I didn't play too many games on it. I was still a Playstation 2 kid during that time. Being a fan of the fantasy though, a new game called Fable coming out for the Xbox looked quite intriguing. I didn't know much about it, I wasn't following game journalism very closely at the time, but wanted to give the game a try. I had heard from a few people that some of the things that the game was going to try and do were very ambitious and after the game launched I then heard that it didn't pull them off very well. I enjoyed the game none the less and anticipated the sequel when it was announced for the Xbox 360. At this point in my life I was following game journalism a bit more and was able to see how Fable 2 was coming along. Peter Molyneux, if you didn't know was the creati…

Gamestop Managers Conference: The Final Chapter

Well that title might be some what of a lie. Hopefully I can squeeze one or two more posts about my experience at the GameStop conference, but it is my last day here in Texas. As promised I waned to talk about three games that I will got turned around on while I was here.

The first is X-COM. Seems like there has been an awful lot rehashing old IP's this year (Sydiate, Kid Icarus). A lot of these older games I never played so I have had zero interest in getting into them now.  X-COM is one of those games. The announcement of a reboot years ago for a first person shooter did nothing for me. Most of the rest of the community was pretty psyched but I guess jokes on them because years later the game is still in development hell. So why would I now be excited about this game? Well I'm not, not at all. What I am excited for is  X-COM : Enemy Unknown, the turn based strategy game that is actually coming out this year. When  X-COM  (shooter reboot) was announced people seemed surprise…