It's Here!!!

Why am I excited you ask? Easily explained. Borderlands 2 is here! Today Borderlands 2 released and sweet gaming goodness is being had everywhere. I have a bad habits of over hyping myself for games in the past and getting let down (Fable 2, Dragon Age Origins), but this time will be different. I don't get this excited very easily but the first Borderlands is hands down my favorite game from this console generation. I can't think of any game I have enjoyed more or played me than Borderlands one. I have not has the pleasure of playing Borderlands 2 yet (working in retail makes you kinda busy around releases like this) but I will be playing soon and letting you all know what I think about it.

This blog isn't about what Brett's excited for though. It's about the games! And here are the reasons you should be excited for Borderlands 2 as much as I am. There is a whole new cast of characters to chose from. All four are similar to our old friends from the first game but different enough to play with for hours. The Siren class for example now uses instead of phase shift can use an ability called phase lock in which to immobilize an enemy allowing you to deal massive damage while staying safe from damage yourself. The area in Borderlands 2 is also vastly different than the Pandora of Borderlands one. There is a thriving metropolis with no resemblance to the dirt and rock towns of yesteryear. These are just a few examples of what is in store for you when you jump in to Borderlands 2 asap. And don't forget about guns. There is going to be a lot of guns. I could keep going with all the new things this game has, including all sorts of new and crazy creatures from every end of Pandora, but then this would be my longest blog ever.

Borderlands 2 is out today and is going to be badass (it's also rated M or mature if you didn't get the hint.) Are any of you readers as pumped as I am or are you a hater and shut the first one off after the first 20 minutes? Either way comment below and I'll tell you how wrong you are if your a hater. Until next time...


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