Podcast 3!

Hey Kiddies! I'm back in my old habits of only updating once a week. Shame, shame on me. Alrighty I have learned my lesson... for now. Mwahaha!

Any who, I wanted to give you all a little treat. The podcast I so graciously host every week has been rolling right along like a well old oiled machine. We have a bunch sitting in the bank and in my typical fashion I have not been posting them here for your listening pleasure. So let me rectify that today by getting to you guys episode 3.

Ta Da! It's a podcast!

I hope you all can enjoy the delicious 56 minutes of podcastness I have for you, because that's all I have for you right now! Hope it's enough. Don't worry more juicy blogging is to come, just keep those dials tuned here. But until next time...


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