Weekend Warrior

Did you know that it's really hard to blog on the weekends? Life just flies at you and makes you take it. Now I made a few choices in the past few days that might have left me with a little bit less Brett time than I could have used, but I'm just craving to sit down a play Borderlands 2. Why don't I go do that right now? Well I'm going to! This is going to be super short. See below where there is very minimal text? That's the end. No joke! I'm just going to cop out and post another podcast for you all (I need to catch up anyway)

The only bit of gaming bloginess I wanted to bring up was my last post was very poorly received. Could have to do with the fact that I posted it at about noon on a Thursday, but it was a really important one. I'm not trying to be a broken record if you passed over reading it the first time for what ever reason, but I'm participating in a 24 hour long gaming marathon on Oct 20th to raise money to Children's hospitals. All I need, if you folks could be so generous, is any donation you would be willing to give. I'll post the donation widget and this here link will bring you to Thursdays post about the whole thing if you want to read more. Anyone who donates I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Well that's it, short and sweet. I leave you with podcast four where we have a special guest star.
I now have the podcast in audio form and video. I'll post both. Let me know what works better for you.
Thanks all and as always...


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