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A social experiment with The Unfinished Swan

I have been itching to play the Unfinished Swan since its release last year, but recently this
idea came to me; what would a gamer do with this game if they had no prior knowledge of
the title such as the game mechanics behind it? Hopefully this does not spoil anything for
you, but the game mechanic at the very beginning of the game is you are in complete
whiteness and you can throw black paint balls to see where pieces of the environment lay.
Since I read reviews and coverage of the game, the first minute or so of the game was
spoiled for me, but of course it had to be for me to be intrigued by it. But what if it hadn't?
What if someone's guiding hand brought me to this inaugural white screen and I had no
clue what was going on? Well for me that was out of the window, but my girlfriend who gets
90% of her game knowledge from me had no clue what this game was. Perfect.

So I sat her down, let her watch the thirty-second intro, and then the screen went all white
and left her wit…

CPU Podcast #8

Another month, another CPU. This month I appeared in my second CPU podcast along side host Nick Hahneman, and fellow casters Yair Donin and Mike Gorman. So if your the podcast listening type, enjoy. Remember that I enjoy every CPU podcast with my Mix Cloud app on my phone but it is also easily listened to from the website (link below) and this widget.

CPU episode 8 by Community Podcast Unlocked on Mixcloud Also if your the twitter type I'm sure your subscribed to mine already, but if not I'm @CaptainCauli and Nick is @NickisNixed, Yair is @YairDonin and Mike is @GroovyMike
Enjoy the show and until next time... Cheers!

Top 20 Games of Xbox for 2012

A few day's ago Xbox Live's Major Nelson posted the most played games of 2012. The post can be found here for reference, and the reason I bring this up is that some of the listings really jumped out to me. I feel that there is a lot to gander from this list. So open that list up in a new tab, and follow along.

The first note is that the Xbox Live games are ranked by number of users on a daily basis. The Xbox Live Arcade games are ranked by units sold. A couple of the rankings are no brainers. Call of Duty is ranked #1. The one interesting thing about Call of Duty is that last years game (Modern Warfare 3) is ranked right below the newest entry (Black Ops 2) from November of 2012. That means more people played the new game in just the one and half to two months that it was available than a full twelve months combined that last years game was available. Call of Duty players must really drop off quickly after the game release, contrary to the indication that people play Call of D…

2013 list of short reviews for lazy readers

If your like me I'm clicking to another page after I read the first paragraph of a videogame story. There is just too much data and news out there to be had. So here is a summation of all the 2013 games I'll be playing and looking at critically, in an easily digestible format.

Tomb Raider 3/5/13
Tomb Raider's non-stop action and adventure make for a terrific game. The story and character didn't grip me like I was expecting, but they are not even needed when the game is as fun as it is. Level design is spot on, which is what kind of polish an amazing game like this needs.
Final Score: 9 Amazing

Crysis 3 2/19/13
The story wasn't all that interesting, and neither were the characters. The gameplay was fun but mainly consisted of cloak, kill, hide. And your abilities didn't seem to expand very much after the beginning. It left a desire for more substance taste in my mouth.
Final Score: 6.5 OK

Dead Space 3 2/5/13
Amazing action game but lacking in characters and sto…