2013 list of short reviews for lazy readers

If your like me I'm clicking to another page after I read the first paragraph of a videogame story. There is just too much data and news out there to be had. So here is a summation of all the 2013 games I'll be playing and looking at critically, in an easily digestible format.

Tomb Raider 3/5/13
Tomb Raider's non-stop action and adventure make for a terrific game. The story and character didn't grip me like I was expecting, but they are not even needed when the game is as fun as it is. Level design is spot on, which is what kind of polish an amazing game like this needs.
Final Score: 9 Amazing

Crysis 3 2/19/13
The story wasn't all that interesting, and neither were the characters. The gameplay was fun but mainly consisted of cloak, kill, hide. And your abilities didn't seem to expand very much after the beginning. It left a desire for more substance taste in my mouth.
Final Score: 6.5 OK

Dead Space 3 2/5/13
Amazing action game but lacking in characters and story. It's downsides are lifted up by amazing features and splendid graphics. The addition of coop and fun weapon crafting are executed well, but still have room for growth.
Final Score: 8.5 Great

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 1/22/13
Great JRPG, but still falls prey to tired old mistakes. Not enough voice over and too much grinding. Also the story could be more serious. Feels like it was written for kids. But the game is still lighthearted and fun regardless. The animations are to die for, and the world map feels like walking through a masterpiece.
Final Score: 9.0 Amazing

DMC: Devil May Cry 1/15/13
Fun combat but the visuals are lack luster. Collectibles leave room for replays or just fun side questing while playing the main mission.
Final Score: 7.5 Good

Aliens: Colonial Marines 2/12/13

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2/19/13

Tomb Raider 3/5/13

Sim City 3/5/13

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct 3/19/13

Bioshock Infinite 3/26/13

Last of Us 7/13

Splinter Cell Blacklist 8/13

South Park: The Stick of Truth TBA


  1. Sad to hear about Ni No Kuni... Oh well

    1. why do you say sad to hear about it. It's still an amazing game. I gave it a 9.


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