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Podcast Post!

This week I was on a podcast called Community Podcast Unlocked. It was quite long. We talk extensively about our favorite games of the year, and compile a list of 10 games we can all say defined our year in videogames. The format of the podcast is Mixcloud like a few of the Beer and Bacon Gaming podcasts were if you have been following me that long. Personally I have the Mixcloud app on my phone so I can listen to it. Whatever your flavor of choice I recommend you give it a listen, I mean I'm on it! Any feedback is as always appreciated.

Community Podcast Unlocked - Episode 7 - GOTY Discussion by Community Podcast Unlocked on Mixcloud

The week in games that was December 8th

This is the first "This week in games" so I'll start off by explaining the rules. The rules are mainly for me since your just the reader, but your rule can be to make sure I stand by the rules. This segment is going to contain all the games I played this week. Games are everywhere and even on a week I thought I didn't play any games I probably just meant I didn't get any rounds of Halo 4 in. So this is going to be a wrap up of all the gaming I did for the week. I'll leave my impressions and thoughts on the games in the moment but this in no way represents a review for the game. Maybe I had a bad week playing borderlands 2, doesn't mean the games bad I just hit a hiccup in the game and didn't have fun this week. So enough of the rambling and on to the gaming.

This week I started by played some of the beta for Dust 514. I just got my invite to the beta so I was excited to hop on and try the platform and genre defying game. If your not familiar with it,…