The week in games that was December 8th

This is the first "This week in games" so I'll start off by explaining the rules. The rules are mainly for me since your just the reader, but your rule can be to make sure I stand by the rules. This segment is going to contain all the games I played this week. Games are everywhere and even on a week I thought I didn't play any games I probably just meant I didn't get any rounds of Halo 4 in. So this is going to be a wrap up of all the gaming I did for the week. I'll leave my impressions and thoughts on the games in the moment but this in no way represents a review for the game. Maybe I had a bad week playing borderlands 2, doesn't mean the games bad I just hit a hiccup in the game and didn't have fun this week. So enough of the rambling and on to the gaming.

This week I started by played some of the beta for Dust 514. I just got my invite to the beta so I was excited to hop on and try the platform and genre defying game. If your not familiar with it, there is the PC MMO called Eve. You build a ship and fly around. Now Dust 514 is a PS3 game that is a first person shooter. The games take place in the same universe and time continuum  So as space ships are flying around above a planet on PC shooting each other, ground troops down on said planet are fighting each other on the PS3. The games directly influence each other. Pretty cool concept. So far that's all that's cool about the experience. The game seems to have a lot of complicated parts moving all at once. These gameplay mechanics maybe hard for first timers, but if you put in the effort to learn all the games ins and outs this can be quite the enjoyable experience. For example when you go into battle and die everything you were carrying is now gone. Your gun, and your whatever else. So you need to spend in-game, or real, money to buy new equipment. I didn't play for too long, but I got a pretty good feel for how the game plays. It does not have the tightest controls, but I don't think it's supposed to be about that as much as it is about the other frameworks established, like teamwork and strategy.

The other game I was pumped to play this week was Nino Kuni. It was only a demo, and that demo is actually out for anyone who wants to play it on the PSN. The demo consisted of two boss battles that seemed early on in the game. I was excited to try the combat since that's the one wild card that I have not been sold on for this game. They didn't explain the full depth of the combat in the demo, but it was still enjoyable. I picked up a few of the nuances through playing and dying a few times though. The visuals are glorious though. I can't wait to see more next month when the game finally hits. Fun fact, this will be the first ps3 game I buy at full retail and play all the way through (hopefully). 

The last game I played this week was Portal 2. I don't know if it's all of the 'Game Of The Year' talk going on right now, or the fact that I picked up Portal 2 on XBL's Black Friday deals, but I'm just now getting around to finishing that game. I played it a bunch when it first came out about a year and a half ago, but have not had a chance to pick it back up until now. When I first got back into it the other day I was wondering how close I was to the end. The narration started sounding like I was five minutes from the final encounter. I was beside myself that I was pretty much at the end of the game. I ended up being not close to the end at all (thankfully) and have put a couple hours into the game this week. So I'm plotting along in that pretty well. Hopefully I can get that finished this week. I still have a huge heap of games ready to be played that I'll most likely never get to. 

That's it for games really. It actually was a pretty good week for them. There were a few more but nothing as big as the three listed above. Well I hope you enjoyed the new segment and I hope we can keep this up week to week. Leave your comments below as always, and until next time...


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