Sad to say but I'm excited for Fable

In my quest to hate everything, I have had a distaste for the Fable series since the second game. I didn't get my Halo converter (aka original Xbox) until late in its short life cycle. Therefore I didn't play too many games on it. I was still a Playstation 2 kid during that time. Being a fan of the fantasy though, a new game called Fable coming out for the Xbox looked quite intriguing. I didn't know much about it, I wasn't following game journalism very closely at the time, but wanted to give the game a try. I had heard from a few people that some of the things that the game was going to try and do were very ambitious and after the game launched I then heard that it didn't pull them off very well. I enjoyed the game none the less and anticipated the sequel when it was announced for the Xbox 360. At this point in my life I was following game journalism a bit more and was able to see how Fable 2 was coming along. Peter Molyneux, if you didn't know was the creative mind behind Lionhead, the studio responsible for the Fable brand. Peter had a habit of announcing gand plans for Fable and not being able to obtain them. For me Fable 2 fell short of its lofty ambitions. I even went as far as to go back to the store and demand a refund so I could get something else. I ended up buying Left 4 Dead which was a great decision. Fable 3 was brought out eventually and has come and gone. I was offered a really good deal on the game at launch so in ended up getting it and playing it through. This time I went into the game with low expectations and that was OK. The game is only going to be the game, it cannot be what it is not. No changing that.

Speeding up to modern day, now Lionhead has announced a new Fable game (for those of you in the know I'm skipping over Fable Heroes, that one doesn't count in this story). This time out it's a Kinect game. Ugg Kinect. The worse part is that when this game was detailed to me, by a reputable magazine, they described it as a first person on rails wagon adventure. You were to be riding across the country side with the reins of your horse in hand while defending your self from the occasional bad guy with magic on your off hand. This did not sell me on going out and buying a $150 Kinect let alone a $50 Fable game. 

Since I have had no interest in the game I have been avoiding a lot of coverage on it. 'Not for me' I said to myself. Of course I was forced to watch many games and demos for things I have no interest in personally this past week and I can now say Fable: The Journey does not look like complete crap. That should be their box quote, Brett Marden calls it "Not complete crap!" During my conference I only got so see one battle scene so I don't think I can judge the whole game based off such a small preview. The battle was cool, but if the game is that action packed the whole time my arms will fall off. On the flip side if the game is not always as interesting as that scene it's going to be very boring. 

We will not have to wait much longer to find out how the final product will be, the game ships early October. That date is only brought sooner by the fact that the second half of September is going to be non existent. Sorry if I disappear for a few weeks, Borderlands 2 ships on September 18th, and I might be in a Borderlands comma until it's beaten (PS, this is foreshadowing!). Stay tuned for the third and final game that I have changed my mind on coming next time. Until then...


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