Gamestop Managers Conference: The Final Chapter

Well that title might be some what of a lie. Hopefully I can squeeze one or two more posts about my experience at the GameStop conference, but it is my last day here in Texas. As promised I waned to talk about three games that I will got turned around on while I was here.

The first is X-COM. Seems like there has been an awful lot rehashing old IP's this year (Sydiate, Kid Icarus). A lot of these older games I never played so I have had zero interest in getting into them now.  X-COM is one of those games. The announcement of a reboot years ago for a first person shooter did nothing for me. Most of the rest of the community was pretty psyched but I guess jokes on them because years later the game is still in development hell. So why would I now be excited about this game? Well I'm not, not at all. What I am excited for is  X-COM : Enemy Unknown, the turn based strategy game that is actually coming out this year. When  X-COM  (shooter reboot) was announced people seemed surprised that it wasn't more like  X-COM : Enemy Unknown (not announced yet at the time, but similer to the old X-COM ). Then a bit later Enemy Unknown was announced and people were relived that they were going to get the game they wanted. Now, heading into the holiday 2012, Enemy Unknown is coming out and  X-COM  (reboot) is no where to be seen. Wow that is a convoluted story.

I'm not above stealing from GI, I do this for zero profit
Again I was never really interested in either  X-COM game since I never played or had even heard of the first one. This past week I got to see a hands-on of the game and it looks like a lot of fun. Now my mind has not gone completely 180 on this game, I just think it looks fun and cool. I'm in no way drooling over it or screaming to the roof tops like I am with Battleblock Theater, but my interest has been piqued. I'm going to give the game the ol' college try when it comes out, which I believe is October, and hopefully I can give you a better idea of how I feel about it after that. But for now we will leave it with 'I'm curious to see more'.
Now that I have rambled on a bit about  X-COM I'll quit while I'm ahead. Also I don't want to make this too long, so I'll save the other two games for next time. But I'm curious, are any of you excited for  X-COM? If you have any thoughts about it comment below. Maybe we can even to battle aliens together. But for now...


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