Top Ten Gaming Moments - 9

The game Elder Scrolls: Oblivion blew me away. If you read my thoughts on Skyrim you know how I feel about the series. But Oblivion was the eye opener for me. My computer was no where close to being able to run it so I bought the first Xbox 360 I could. I played that game so much my eyes hurt. I wasn’t going to pick a specific moment for Oblivion, but one that sums it up is it the beginning of the game when you leave the sewer for the first time and see the world. There was a lot of bloom, but besides that there was an expansive world that I could explore as much as I wanted to. Oblivion really solidified the jump from the xbox and ps2 era into where we are now. The graphics, the npc’s, the quests, and the fighting, it was all amazing. It kept me walking around Tamriel for hours.  It was the beginning of an amazing line of games that I have played in the past 6 years during this console generation.


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