Day 5 - Game Character you feel most like

Welcome back all. Here we are, on day five of my videogame challenge. Super surprised I have not missed a beat. But as the clock dials down we should get down into the meat and potatoes of today's topic before we run into tomorrow.

Today's topic is "Game character you feel most like." I seriously have not giving this much thought. The few questions from the past few days it's easy to come up with an answer pretty quickly, especially if your a gamer like I am. I'm always thinking of games I like and why I like them,but this question is a bit off the beaten path though.

With the introduction of Facebook I have loved seeing what pictures people post as their profile picture. From time to time you get some one who has posted a cartoon character that is just like them or has a very clear resemblance. One of my friends looks just like the kid from How to Train Your Dragon. I have really never had this sort of resemblance though. I'm always told I look normal, average.

So this is hard for me, but the challenge is to pick someone. So I'm going to go with the...

Kid from Bastion. The thing I like the Kid is he is a silent protaganist and when I'm not rambling on this blog I'm usually pretty quiet. The Kid is forced into this world ending calamity and spends the whole game silently saving the world and constantly narrated by an elder gentlemen. I guess I connect with the Kid because he is a guy who does what he has to do, even if it is alone. He is contemplative as well as complex. I guess I see those traits in myself as well.

While quite the interesting topic today. Stay tuned tomorrow for another day in this 30 day challenge, and leave your thoughts below in comment form.


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