What happens when you open that old chest in the attic

*Creek* What's in in here? *Blow away dust* *Cough-Cough* Aw man a old dusty blog. I wonder how long this has been sitting here untouched? I bet it has been decades, or at least a few weeks. I wonder what happened? Did the writer lose focus? Get busy? Die? I bet he went on vacation, had a really bad internet connection and a lot of other things to do. And when he came back there was so much to catch up on it fell by the wayside. But now that it's unearthed it can regain it's sucessfulness once again! And I'm just the guy to do it!

Let's see, it was left off on what seems like an exciting adventure spanning 30 days in which the writer was bearing his soul on the page from his video game past. We can continue that easily! Only problem is that we don't know what the rest of the topics were going to be...

I guess we will just have to create some of our own with the magic of wordsmithery.

Let's see... How about something like the saddest game moment?! That sounds like a great topic. And we could even touch on Game with the Best Story. Oh yeah baby this is doable. I'm going to get started right away... well after I finish dusting this old thing off, it's really quite dirty. *Dust-Dust*Type-Type*

Hey all. I hope you enjoyed that little bit there. Really I am sorry for the long absences. Although a lot of you don't comment or anything, I see the page views and a good amount of people seem to read this when I'm actually posting. Surprisingly some people even read this while I'm not posting. But I'm back, and as many of you know I'm really using this blog as a spring board to try and land a freelance videogame journalism job. I really get out of it what I put into it. So this no input, no output thing doesn't leave me in a good spot. So I'm back from vacation, back from not having my computer set up for about a whole week, and back into blogging. I still have a lot to say so I'm not going anywhere any time soon. I'll be continuing the 30 day challenge, but as you can tell it's not going to get finished before the end of July so I'll just have to chug along at my own pace. I seem to have gone into rambling mode so I'll be going before I get too boring.

But first, I wanted to let you all know that I have started to participte in a podcast. What's it about? Videogames of course! I'm currently co-hosting it so check it out. We have recorded two episodes and posted one so far. Right now it's just on Youtube, but hopefully we will get it on iTunes and other platforms for those of you like me that listen to podcasts else where. The podcast is named Beer and Bacon Gaming. Beer and Bacon is a group of gamers that I started chatting with and subsequently asked to be on thier podcast. I don't drink beer and don't really eat bacon, so the name isn't really too appealing to me. But the game conversation is real so that's what I'm in for.

I fully admit this first podcast isn't the greatest. The second one is much better but still not that great. It's a learning process, just like the blog has been. So I hope you can enjoy it, and try to catch later episodes because they can only improve.

I'm off for now, but hopefully I'll see you tomorrow for more gaming.


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