Battleblock Theater ... Water Bottle?

Hey Everybody!
Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I meant to a long time ago. As you might know I'm a huge Battleblock Theater fan. What's that? What's Battleblock Theater? Never heard of the greatness? Good thing I blogged about it so you can get a refresher course (Link). Battleblock Theater is still not out, and there is no release date or anything like that. But I'm still amped about the game.

A few months back I had a buddy of mine custom paint me a Battleblock Theater water bottle. I'm so in love with this thing. A one of a kind delight. So I took some pictures for you all. Hopefully this wets your appetite for the game, or maybe it is just going to get me jazzed.

As you have all seen the art style of the game because you avidly read my other post about BBT, this water bottle really captures the style of the game. My favorite part is the big reindeer monster.

We have been mentioning Battleblock Theater on the podcast and that is what has got me thinking about all this. For those of you interested they did just release so details that point towards the game being done, so maybe this October we will finally get it (October has been a month typically with a Summer of Arcade esk promotion). The post can be found on their devblog (Link) and highlights how many levels the game has and other stats about the game.

I am truly so excited for the game and cannot wait for it's release. Hopefully we all get more news soon. As always I'll try to keep you all up-to-date with the game, but for now...


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