BattleBlock Theater

I cannot express how excited I am for BattleBlock Theater. I go around always claiming my excitement for the game and all I get back is blank stares and comments like 'what the fuck is that'. The easy answer is, you know those guys who made Castle Crashers? Their next game. Then the ahh happens when the person in front of me knows slightly what I'm talking about. They only know slightly what I'm talking about because Castle Crashers is the biggest downloadable game of the recent generation. They still don't know what BattleBlock Theater is. So I am here to bring to the masses BattleBlock Theater.

So as I stated, BattleBlock Theater is the newest game being developed by The Behemoth, creators of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers. It's a multiplayer platformer, and from what I have played of it, it's going to be amazing. The game has been in production for many years and was supposed to release in 2010

"Game 3" as it was called for the longest time has still yet to release. Not sure when it is coming, but I hope soon. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person crazy enough to keep 1200 Microsoft points in their account at all times in case this game comes out of the blue. I might have to bump that up to 1600 based on the new complexity of XBLA with Minecraft being $20. I also wouldn't be surprised if they released this game for more than $20. It has been in development for so long they might have created something so big they can't give it away for $15. The thing that confounds me is that I played this game back in march of 2010, and I know that must have been a very small portion of the game that was actually working, but two years later and I played the game again at PAX East and it seemed just as polished. The Behemoth has just been toying with my heart this whole time. But on a whole separate note they really missed the wave on their popularity. They were pretty underground for a while with Alien Hominid, but Castle Crashers really pushed them into the lime light. I'm sure they are still making enough bank off CC to keep BBT in development for so long, but I'm not sure any of the casual fans with care once BBT hits. The hard core fans will scoop it up but I'm not sure BBT has the wide spread appeal that CC did. I really hope it does, I hope this game takes off like a rocket, but I'm nervous that it won't. 2012 will mark four years since Castle Crashers released, and I'm really hoping that The Behemoth has the stones to release BBT. There is always summer of arcade I guess.


  1. You got me all amped for this game and I still have zero idea what it is about. Thanks for pulling a Bobby.


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