Top Ten Gaming Moments - 1

Everybody always asks me what my favorite game it and it’s hard to come up with an answer. In my mind I have limited it to two games. One being Secret of Mana for the SNES. This game blew me away when I was a kid, and is one of the reasons I love the 16 bit era games. Now this game starts off simple enough, your a kid from a small village soon to start off on a grand adventure. But my favorite moment in the whole game is at the beginning. After falling off a log overlooking a waterfall, you must make your way back to your village. You quickly learn that the path way is blocked by bushes. In a rushed decision to find a way home you pull a sword from a stone to hack away the bushes. But in this King Arthur esk moment you unleash all of its protective services and allow monsters to start attacking the world. I love this moment because it has so much meaning. Pulling the sword from the stone not only unleashes monsters but it gives you the means of destroying evil that has been building in the world. Doing this also gets you banished from the village that you live in. Monsters start attacking and although you defend the village with your new awesome sword they still want you gone because you brought this upon them. You find hope in a new friend that understands the great power you now possess, but your life still gets turned upside down by this momentous event. The game also shines graphically right when you pull the sword, erupting in a ray of light on the screen. Not only does this set up a great game, but its sets up the great emotional journey this young man must now unfold. Secret of Mana will forever be one of my favorite games and it will always have my favorite gaming moment.


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