Season 2... I guess

I'm so bad at keeping a blog. Its just my personality. But here is my second chance. I'm going to keep trying. I got to a point where I had not created anything but had ideas and then as time went on those ideas seemed like they needed to be bigger and bigger because I had been gone for so long. I realized that I just need to write. Sit down and write. So now it comes down to writing my first piece. let's call this season 2. So what I wanted to write about was who I am. "season 1" was mostly posted on Facebook and only to people that knew me. I'm still trying to find a place on the Internet but for now blogger is going to be home. Season two I'm ready to see the world. so please if you like what I'm saying pass it in. Share it. Post it. Do the whole gambit. If you hate what I'm saying tell me. One thing I hope to achieve is a great dialog on great topics. If I spell like a middle schooler and you hate me for that then either my spell check is broken or I actually have the spelling of a middle schooler. Math was always my strong suit. Grammar was not. But I want to give full disclosure to everyone who reads this.

I think one thing we lack in current society is honesty and with that impure motives. My motive is nothing more than talk about how I feel about aspects of games and the gaming industry. I also hope you make a name for my self in the game industry or at the very least get a better hold in it. I'm not sure what I want to do for the rest of my life but I have dedicated so much of it to video games I'd like to be in the business somehow. Also in the idea of full disclosure I am currently working for Gamestop, Americas largest retailer of video games. I in no way represent Gamestop and Gamestop does not represent me. I enjoy my job but retail is not my true calling in life. It pays the bills and I get to work with video games. I'm not going to bring my job into this blog and I hope that no one else does either. It’s just a job. Don't get me wrong I'll comment on Gamestop from time to time, but as far as my job there and the inner workings for Gamestop, those are off the table. Well I must have rambled on for a while now so I'll let all this sink in for you (not too hard to swallow, I'm just a dude with an opinion that you happen to be reading right now). My eyes are getting droopy so that's always a bad sign. Hopefully I'll be able to keep a post a day and maybe just skip a day here and there. But no more than one at a time. That's my goal.


  1. So Brett I was just wondering what is your favorite games? And what makes it your favorite game?

    1. My favorite games are Final Fantasy Tactics and Secret of Mana. I feel kinda cheating when my two favorite games are from Squaresoft, but at least I didn't say Final Fantasy VII. Not really sure what makes them my favorite besides them being just a lot of fun. Thats really all games need to be right? Fun! The story elements and battles are also highly entertaining. For more info on how I feel about both games and more check out my Top Ten list of Greatest Game Moments.


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