I'm a star!

I'm on the internet! Sort of sounds redundant, but I am a born again fan of Rooster Teeth, and I some how got into one of their videos. Check it out here if you want RT Life. Gus was trying to scare some folks at Pax East and I was one of his victims. I believe I'm the second one he tried to get the jump on. He wasn't hiding very well so I wasn't really scared, and he also had a giant smile on his face after the 'rawer'. I should have tried to buy a shirt with his face on it. Actually the first group that goes by a guy has the shirt on. I heard they sold out of most sizes though, so I probably couldn't get one. Well just more fond memories from Pax East. Besides that I have just been obsessed with the Diablo 3 beta. It's pretty much over at this point for the public, but I was able to run through once with a wizard and again with a monk. Both classes were quite fun. My buddy played through with a demon hunter and barbarian so I kinda got to see what they were like. I look forward to seeing more from the witch doctor, and there is less than a month until we can all play the full game. Woot! That's all for now!


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