Top Ten Gaming Moments - 2

I have played a lot of games in my life, but I was never a hardcore gamer until I got a job at Gamestop. Working there opened my eyes to a whole new world of games. One of the first things it opened me up to was World of Warcraft. Now Wow launched in November 2004and was kinda popular. So popular in fact that they stopped shipping the game because they could not handle the continuous influx of new members. After they bulked up their servers they started shipping the game again, but right when they stopped shipping the game is when I wanted to play it. It must have been that February because I remember starting to play in February. But since we were not getting the game in stores I found my self on Ebay bidding for one. I thought hey 70 bucks aint bad if its gonna get me on the game a few weeks or a month earlier. So I bought it and waited for it to ship. Went into work the next day and what did I see on the self but new copies of WoW, damn it. Well what are ya gonna do. I eagerly waited and when I finally got it started playing once it was installed. I was most eager to play with some of my friends from high school so I made a character on their server. They were all level 20 or 30 so I had some catching up to do, but first things first, gotta kill stuff. Now the only other MMO I had played was a short stint on Ragnarok Online, and by short stint I mean the 15 day trial that I played over and over with new account names. So I wasn’t very well versed in what to do. The game holds your hand a little bit, but after 20 minutes I found my self without a goal so I went off exploring. When I came upon some bats that seemed to be giving me some good XP I just started killing them like crazy. I spent that entire night killing bats. I eventually got tired and went to bed, but I killed bats for hours and loved every second of it. When I went to school the next day to tell my friend that I had gotten the game he asked if I was enjoying it and what I had done. I told him about the bats and when he asked if I had done any quests my reply was “quests?” I had no clue what he was asking me. He further explained it and I went on to play the game for a few years, never getting past level 40 or so before creating a new character to play with different friends. I enjoyed World of Warcraft for what it was, but I’ll always remember that first night killing bats.


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