Top Ten Gaming Moments - 4

Borderlands was one of the best experiences in recent past for video games for me. Not only was the game amazing and one of my favorites for the current gen consoles, but the way I was introduced to it was amazing as well. Most of the time I obsess over a game and read all about it before it comes out. My expectations are so high that it is doomed to fail right out of the gate, like when a friend keeps raving about a new movie and you put it up on a pedestal. But for Borderlands that didn’t happen to me. A day before it came out a friend told me about it and asked if I wanted to go in on a Steam 4 pack. I passed on the deal, but ended up playing it on the Xbox the day it came out. I was instantly immersed in the game even though the beginning of the game is pretty boring. The art style was cool, the setting was post-apocalyptic, the writing was funny, But then after finishing the first major story arc I realized I loved this game. The end of the first story arc, culminating in the first boss battle, was the tipping point for me. After learning all the basics of the game for are finally challenged with a decent enemy, Nine-toes. What makes this scene great is the presentation. Nine-toes walks out on a stage spewing some line about how he is going to kill you, then as his name pops up and he gives you the ‘suck it’ salute he gets the caption “Also, He Has 3 Balls”. After that I didn’t know what to expect. Then a skag started humping my leg and my health started dropping. I snapped out of it and started shooting bullets. I was a little too late to the party and nine-toes and his two skags got the best of me on that round. Eventually I bested him and continued on to finish the game, but I’ll always remember that fight as my entry to Pandora.


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