Top Ten Gaming Moments - 3

Besides Super Mario Bros, I have to attribute my fondness for video games to Final Fantasy 6. It was the first RPG I played and it got me hooked. The good story goes that my best friend and I rented the game from generic movie store for a week while we were on vacation during the summer. I don’t think we returned the game to the store for well over a year. We went to the store and asked if we could buy the game. They refused, claiming that it was their best rented SNES game (Ya because we had it rented for a year straight). Also for a little context this was when the N64 was out and gaining steam, SNES was pretty much done at this point. Long story short we bought the game for 40 bucks and they waived all of our late fees. I still have the cartridge in my closet. Any who that had nothing to do with game play. There are tons of great moments in this game. The Ultros battles, when you first meet Gau, Setzer and his airship. But the moment that sticks with me is the epic battles in the Narshe Mines and on the cliff top protecting the Esper. For those of you unfamiliar with the game and this scenario, the typical battles are turn based, but in these epic battles there is an invading army slowly encroaching on your location. You control your own team each comprised of a battle ready squadron. You decide how this battle goes down picking your fights and deciding when and where to fight, but they are always getting closer. This momentous battle is pretty deep. It mixes up the game play in a way keeps you on your toes. When playing a very long RPG like FF6 something like this really makes you stand up and pay attention. It’s moments like this that make the game great and what got me hooked on gaming, and that's why I couldn’t return it to the movie store.


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