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This is going to seem a bit interjected but I just had to stay current and speak in the now. I just went to PAX East and if I wrote this a week down the line it's going to be old news. If you call your self a gamer and have the chance to go to Pax, be it Prime (west coast) or East, Go! It's such a great experience. There are so many reasons to go. If you wanna break into the industry it's a great networking opportunity. If you wanna play some great blockbusters early you can. If you wanna find some sweet indie games you might have missed you will find them there. If you wanna meet some of your favorite video game industry personalities, like Gus Sorola from Rooster Teeth (which I did!), they are there. All in all its a great experience and you owe it to your self to take the plunge. My only bummer was I didn't go for the whole weekend and only one day. The first Pax East I went for the whole weekend and it was the best 55 bucks I have ever spent.

Some highlights for me were playing Borderlands 2 and Battleblox Theater. I got to meet a guy from Supergiant Games (Bastion creators). He said they want to stick together and make another game but didn't give me any details on it. I got my picture taken with Bumble Bee, and saw Juliet Starling from the new Lollipop Chainsaw. I watched my girlfriend play Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The game looked meh. Wonder how much depth it actually has. If anything it looks like a fun way to experience music from the game series. I went to a panel about game trailers and didn't see any game trailers.

Did any of you go to Pax East this year? How did you feel about it? Any great highlights?


  1. I went for one day (Friday) and I wish I didn't bother with panels and stayed on the expo floor the whole time and tried more games. I only tried a few games, none of which were one of the big ones coming out.

    The panels were basically 1.5 hours of waiting in line to hear people talk for 45 minutes. I went to the Mass Effect/Bioware panel and it was really cool to hear about how the game was written and how much more content was in Mass Effect 3, but not worth waiting in line that whole time. If I went back, it'd only be for 1 day and it'd only be for the expo floor.

    1. I agree that the panels are not a huge pay off. When I went two years ago the first panel I went to I had to sit way in the back and I had to wait an hour. I could barely see the people talking, so it was like listening to a podcast that I had waited an hour for. All the other panels I decided to wait over 2 hours for so I could be in the front and at that point I was just wasting time. I had a great time, but you right the Expo floor is really where everything is taking place.


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