Double Fine is...

Double Fine may well be my favorite game developer. I have never given it a lot of thought, always been a squaresoft guy and enjoyed a good mario game. But when it comes to the past few days, I have been loving Double Fine. Ok well maybe longer than the past few days. I first heard of them when Costume Quest came out. All I had to hear was tricker treating RPG. I read about it in Game Informer and they stated that the developer was working on four downloadable games, Costume Quest being the first. After buying Costume Quest on day one and loving it I could not wait to see what was next. The next hook was playing as a Russian nestling doll who could pop into other dolls and gain their powers to manipulate the world. The game was Stacking and I was not as curious about this one as I was Costume Quest. The art style and music were up my alley but I ended up just doing a trial of the game and waiting to buy it. I must have had a lot on my plate at the time, I know the 3DS game out the next month so I wasn't too worried about missing this one at the time. I picked it up on sale on week and gave it a whirl a little while later. The game did not grab me like Costume Quest did and I didn't go back to it until a few days ago. When I picked it up I had practically finished the first stage and I just went around finishing off the extra tasks that were around. I jumped on to the second level and was astonished how much there was to do. Now I can't put this game down until I finish all there is in it. I also just bought Iron Brigade, formerly named Trenched. I had been waiting for that to go on sale for a while now but I was eager to play now that I had a friend to play with. So with Double Fine near and dear to my heart at this point I would love to invest in all their ventures, but I just can't. Their last two games have been not only for Kinect, which I don't have, but more for kids than anyone else. I also went back and tried Brutal Legend, and I didn't get into it one bit. I have been thinking about buying Psychonoauts, I think its available on Xbox Live, But I just have way too many games to play at the moment. I will be continuing with Stacking and hopefully Iron Brigade in the near future. If you have not tried any of Double Fine's games I urge you to find one that sounds appealing and try it out. Do any of you have a developer that is special to you? Let me know in the comments and we can riff about it.


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