Why do I keep downloading games!?!

My flavor of the week is now Fez. I know that all I keep talking about is downloadable games, but I can't stop, it's an addiction. I just had to buy Fez today. After eagerly downloading the trial last Friday when the game released on XBLA, I enjoyed the half hour or so I fit in to play it. After waking up today and not knowing my gaming mood I decided to try and finish the Fez trial. I have been hearing rave remarks about it all week and I was really not in the mood for anything else that I'm currently playing. After getting past the beginning of the trial a prompt came up and said, If you were cool and had paid for this game you would be getting an achievement right now. Alright so I paraphrased, but as many demos do they stop and ask you to pay for what they worked so hard to make. I decided to go for it and throw down the 10 bucks. If anything I'm supporting indie games on a platform I love (sorry PSN). I proceeded to play Fez for the rest of the morning. And here I am now blogging about it.

For those of you who don't know what Fez is, it is a pixelated platformer/ puzzler where the world is built in 3d but you can only see it and interact with it in 2d. You can change your perspective by 90 degrees left or right, and by doing so parts of the level change orientation and overlap causing a change of function. At first glance the game looks pretty basic, like it should be a flash game you get for free on your phone.

But after a short time of playing and platforming you get an understading of how big the game actually is. After going through door after door leading further and further down the rabbit hole I had no clue how I had gotten there or how much I had missed. Working my way through each level to a specific piece was enough of an achievement to keep plugging on. Thankfully the game provides you with a world map. Unfortunately the map is huge!

Each cube represents a level and the size of the cube represents the size of the level. I stole this picture from the Googles, so my world map is a little smaller than this and I'm not sure if this is even the whole map.

I'm excited to continue to explore Fez and find the ins and outs of the game. As I am lead to believe there is a lot to take in and a lot to explore. If anyone else out there is playing Fez, let me know what you think. How far have you gotten? Have you uncovered some of the hidden secrets? Sound off in the comments!


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