Diablo News Tip

So excited to hear that Diablo 3 is getting a public beta this weekend. From 3pm EST Friday til 1Pm EST Monday anyone with a Battle.net account can play Diablo 3. I'm assuming this is all the content that current beta testers are open to, which means up til the skeleton king (the first hour or two of them game). I could not be more excited. I applied to test the game months and months ago to no avail of getting access. I have paid in full my copy of the game and now it's just time until the game launches. The goal of this weekend is to stress test the game so I encourage you join in if your interested. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/4963739/Diablo%C2%AE_III_Open_Beta_Weekend-4_19_2012#blog
You can install it early if your seeing this before 3pm, I'm just waiting for the next few hours to pass.


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