The Loyalty Bus

Is it just me or did this past generation really define some console alegences? When I was growing up I was all about Nintendo. Mario was my mascot. I had a NES and SNES then N64. SMB3 and then Mario world, and after that Mario 64. Final Fantasy is what must have made me jump ship because I bought a Playstation and instantly owned Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8 and borrowed a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics. I bought a Playstation 2 the day of release knowing that Final Fantasy 10 was going to be on it and the future of the series seemed to be going with Sony. I did have a Gamecube but only for a short period. I mostly want Super Smash, but when I stopped playing it I pawned the system to a friend. Then the Halo converter game out. The original Xbox was called the Halo converter around work because most people that had one only owned Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2. Besides those two games I remember playing Fable and renting a few other ones, but I don't think I owned anything but Halo. Playstation 2 was still my system of choice. Thinking back on it I really went with what was most popular. NES, PS2, and now, if you know me well, Xbox 360. The thing moving on though, is it going to be just as easy to jump ship? Before Mario and Final Fantasy lead me down their different paths and yeah I love Xbox and the 360 for Halo, but come the next storm of systems I don't think console exclusives are going to be what persuades my wallet, rather I think that what system manufactures are doing right now will dictate my buying decision. I'm most likely going with the nextbox or 720. I came upon my decision because of how the 360 has treated me. I own a plethora of downloaded games that I love to return to, a network of friends on my xbox live list, Xfinity and Netflix accounts set up. All of these things are built into my day to day life, and why would I want to part with them and learn how to use a PS4? I guess my point is that with this digital age does it make a difference in how we jump from generation to generation, like it did in previous gens? For me I guess it does. For others it probably doesn't. A good chunk of Xbox 360's have never been online. Online is a huge experience for me, but so many people don't even know what they are missing out on. I'm excited to just learn what is next. I read a projection that the next Xbox won't come out until 2014 but I don't think it is going to be that long. But I'll definitely be looking at that system as my entrance into the next gen. How do you feel about the next gen? Are you staying on a band wagon or are you going to see what the best offerings are. Wii U is coming soon too. Anyone excited for that?


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