Why Tomb Raider Impressed Me

As you might have summed up, Microsoft was what I had my eyes glued on during E3. They showed Halo and premiered Splinter Cell, but what really got my attention was Tomb Raider. Swimming past all the BS about Lara's moaning sounds and objectifying women, I loved the trailer they showed at E3. I have kept a safe distance away from Tomb Raider since it's announcement, and mostly because I have never played a Tomb Raider game. I have also not been huge into action adventure. If it was not a turn-based rpg or shooter I never really dove very deep. Now in my old age I'm regretting missing all these great games. I have been dying to play Sly Cooper ever since that trilogy was released on PS3, and I might snap if another person tells me that Uncharted is god-like before I get around to playing it. None the less, I have never played Tomb Raider or had any sort of affinity towards it.

This all changed last week. Microsoft brought out a few guys from Crystal Dynamics on to their E3 stage to show off how Tomb Raider was looking. You can see the clip in the video above. This gameplay footage sold me on the game. Now I'm not going to plop down my 60 bucks just yet, there is still more to learn about the game and this is far from the final product, but so far I like what I see. After all the Tomb Raider that has been shoved in my face in the past year, and all the avoidance I did of the title, it has final sold me to keep up with the news and rumblings surrounding the game. I even started following the game on Twitter @tombraider. The game looks gorgeous and the action seems tight and responsive. I can't wait to learn more about the story in the game and find out why Lara is in this muddy situation. Things are shaping up nicely for this title.

As much as I was looking forward to 2012 it seems like 2013 is getting all the big hype now. Now that all the good games (well a lot) have been pushed to 2013, including Tomb Raider, my eyes drift towards the future. Tomb Raider is slated to hit in March 2013, and I'm sure I'll continue to talk about it as more news about the game surfaces.

I leave you with the debut gameplay trailer that hit earlier this year. Tomorrow I have one more game to hype up from E3, and this one even surprised me. See you tomorrow. Cheers.


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