Humble Indie Bundle

If I had to stick my gaming interests down to one dial on the spectrum, I'd have to go with mainstream indie games. Now this sounds backwards in all sorts of ways, but let me explain. Why didn't he say FPS or RPG? I love those games but I can't get over the artistic and simplistic nature of indie games. What the hell does he mean by mainstream indie games? The indie scene is huge, and I dare not call myself and expert in the category. I'm always being surprised by what is out there, that has been there for years, but I don't know about until it comes up in conversation. So what I mean by mainstream indie games are those that get into the public eye. It could be by remarkable game play and is getting talked about by the press and by gamers, or games that are getting promoted and marketed in a way that the message reaches a mass audience (like summer of arcade games on XBLA). XBLA is by far in a way my favorite gaming source. I eat up games like Castle Crashers and Costume Quest. I hope that helps you understand a little bit more about what I ment.

Now my real point is to inform you all about the Humble Indie Bundle. I have seen people all over the web bring this up in the past day so I had to check it out. Unknown to me this promotion had been going on for a few years, this being the fifth offering they have had. The Humble Indie Bundle is a package of games that are offered for any price you want to pay. You then decide how that money is divided (developer, charity, folks running the site). The main goal is to raise money for charity. The two charities they are supporting are Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation. I have supported Child's play before and still wish to support them as much as I can. I have not heard of Electronic Frontier Foundation so I'll have do to my homework on them.

I am urging you to give this a look, and if your feeling charitable buy the bundle. I'd consider all the game mainsteam indie, that's why this is right up my ally. The games you get are Limbo by Playdead, Psychonauts by Double Fine, Amnesia: The Dark Decent by Frictional Games, and SuperBrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP by Superbrothers + CAPY + Jim Guthrie. If you pledge more than the average you also get Bastion by Supergaintgames (A favorite of mine). I'll let you check out the website to get the rest of the details like also getting the soundtrack for each game.

Listen to the soothing tone of the Bastion narrator, and Tim Shaffer with an outro.


  1. I believe the electronic frontier is an organization that supports all 13 of the world's DNS servers for the interwebz.

    1. Hmm, I did not know that. Good to know. I'll still have to investigate more and see what the good word is.


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