Year of the Bow

Has this E3 been the year of the bow or what. It seems like a lot of games are going the jungle route. Which in turn mean that the main character wields a bow. Tomb Raider did it at the Microsoft conference, Crysis 3 did it at the EA conference, and then Far Cry 3 did it at the Ubisoft conference. Assassins Creed 3 also showed bows at every conference it was at. Guess it's the year of the 3's again too.

It's just something that I have noticed through watching all the press events. Nothing has really wow'ed me yet, and I doubt anything will since most of the announcements are over with now it's just getting the press overage done with. Been trying to keep on it as much as possible, but there really is a lot coming out of LA right now. Send me any questions you want answered  and I can post them up next week or if you just want to chat leave a comment and I'll get back at you.


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