Electronic Entertainment Expo

'It's the most wonderful time of the year!' Well maybe the second most, as gamers we sort of like when all the games come out during the holidays. But this is the time of the year when all the games are announced. Well for the most part...

A few weeks ago I started an E3 predictions post. That got wrapped up in a cluster of posts I started and didn't finish. I got around to posting them all but just not the E3 one. Just ran out of time. But E3 is here so I guess there is no need for predictions. Sadly I will not be around today to watch the Microsoft press conference, but will be able to see the other big two. Just to give you a short time line of them, Microsoft presents today at Noon EST, Sony is at 9pm EST, and Nintendo is tomorrow at Noon EST. There are many other press events such as an EA one and Ubisoft as well. And if your really itching already, Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct last night unveiling some Wii U features, if that's your thing. Can't wait to hear some juicy game news this week, the horizon is looking a little slim for my tastes as I mentioned before.


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