Incy Wincy Break

Hey all! Some of you might have noticed no posts in about a week. Oops! That one was my fault. I started a few posts but as time went on my excitement to finish them waned and now they sit in the limbo that is my unfinished projects folder. In like a year I should just post a bunch of unfinished pieces, see how that turns out.

But back to my main point, I have not been writing! It has been for a couple of reasons (excuses!). I have been gearing up for a big project in July. So get amped. I teased my July project on Twitter. If you want to stay super current with what I'm doing, it's going to show up on there. @Caulif. That is a bit easier to put quick updates on, rather than a long blog post. The other reason is that I have been trying to go multimedia for you all. I have been working on getting a weekly YouTube video going, and possibly a weekly podcast as well. So far the quality coming out of these projects has been awful, but hey so was my blog when I first started! My last excuse is that it was crazy hot this past week. So freakin hot! After my bill paying job, I just wanted to come home, have dinner, and sleep. I even let my apartment turn into a pig sty.

Also my new laptop crapped out on my so I have to ship it back and wait for a new one. Hopefully that will help with more frequent updates.

So that's the whole shebang. I'm hot lazy and boring. Hopefully we can change that right? i think you are all going to like what I have in store for you next month.

Well you came here for some grade A entertainment! So let me lead you to some. This had me tearing up last night I was laughing so hard. Grab a group of your friends and start reading there outloud. Bad Luck Bri.

Hopefully I see you all before July kicks off, but for now...
Cheers and good luck out there!


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