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I was looking forward to the Microsoft press event more than anything else at the show.
Things have been pretty dead in the water with them since the Xbox started flying off
shelves and they focused on Kinect. At the show, Microsoft really surprised me with the
direction they are going in this next year. While there wasn't one stand-out reason to go buy
a Kinect, all the dynamic features together sell the product really well. The voice recognition
in Splinter Cell was genius, and Wreckateer looks like a lot of fun.

The Tomb Raider and Halo 4 gameplay they showed sold me on both games. I had been
leaning away from these games, but now I must have them in my collection. All of the sports
stuff was the low point for me. All the ESPN and Nike+ announcements just went right
over my head. I don't need sports on my Xbox but I can see why that would be a popular
feature. I can't wait to learn more about the three XBLA games they announced, especially
the one from Twisted Pixel; those guys are always great. I highly enjoyed Microsoft's press
conference and can't wait to see how the Xbox evolves with all the new changes this year.


  1. While I'm not going to get Madden 13 I was impressed by their Kinect integration. The ability to actually call out your audibles now will definitely help with immersion and since you can tell one player to do a different action it opens up a lot more possibilities.

    I was underwhelmed by Twisted Pixel's Trailer. Maybe if I see some gameplay it'll be better for me. The visuals for Gore Verbinski's game caught my eye though.

    Tomb Raider and Halo 4 were very exciting. I did not care for them ending on Black Ops 2. I think I've thrown my hat in with my modern shooter preference and it'll take a lot more than that to dissuade me from it.

    1. I can agree with everything you said. Madden is not for me, but calling out plays and moves with your voice must make the game that much more immersive. Although not a lot was shown of Loco Cycle, just based on Twisted Pixel's past I'm interested that they have announced a new game.

  2. No thoughts on Smart Glass? When I first heard about it I thought it was pointless and gimmicky, but after hearing their description and seeing what it can do, I think it's actually pretty cool. The fact that it supports Android and iOS is the big pull, and it's at basically no cost to us, since we already are likely to have one of those products.

    1. Smart Glass sounds cool, but I don't have faith in it until I get my hands on it. I'm glad I don't need a Windows phone and I don't need to buy anything extra but when it comes out I'll see if I actually use it.


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