How I first found Rooster Teeth

This past week RosterTeeth, the well known creator of web content, celebrated its tenth anniversary. During their weekly podcast they celebrated the momentous date, but something the founder Burnie Burns said during the extravaganza struck a chord with me. During the show he stated he enjoyed hearing how people first heard of RoosterTeeth and Red vs Blue. Gavin Free, who was on the panel, shared his story from back when he was 14 and started watching what is now a ten season machinima back around episode five. I fell in love with Rooster Teeth during it's first season of Red vs Blue as well and that's where my story begins.

The story is nothing to glorious but still a nice trip down memory lane. I'm 25 years old now, so back then I must have been only 15, a year older than young Gavin. I was in high school and played a lot of Halo like any good teenager was in those days. I remember my friends and I were at a local playground after dark (because there was nothing else to do). As the night drew on a few of my friends off to the side started laughing and quoting something I was unfamiliar with. They quickly filled me in on what was so funny, telling me there are these guys online who play Halo and talk over it. It was a pretty rough description. They wanted to show me, so we headed to one of their houses to watch the episodes he had downloaded. If I remember correctly a new episode was airing that night or the next day which spurred the original conversation. As I tried to imagine what I was about to watch all I could picture was two guys my age or younger playing Halo in a dark room videotaping themselves off screen and bickering while it happened. Anyone who has seen Red vs Blue will know that I was totally wrong. Well I guess not totally but the production values were much higher than I was expecting.

I ended up in love with the show and following it for three seasons before falling off. I still remember those days fondly. I had all three of those season on DVD, I owned a bunch of t-shirts, and I even put Caboose -1 on my soccer jersey. After heading out to college I left my Red vs Blue days behind me, but a couple years back I started following Rooster Teeth again. Mostly through YouTube I keep track of the videos they do, and as stated I enjoy their comedy podcast weekly. I don't watch Red vs Blue anymore, but I'm glad to see they have become much more than just that.

So that's it. That's how I brought RoosterTeeth into my life. Ten years later and they are still doing something they love. I wish them all the best for years to come. I implore you to quickly leave your own story below in the comments. I'd love to hear other stories from the rest of you.


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