The Brett is back!

I don't know if back is the right word, more like restarting? Maybe. So four years ago I starting this gaming blog. I enjoyed writing blog post on Facebook, but wanted a site to call my own, so I started on Blogger. I really wanted to be a game journalist, and although that would still be a dream come true, it's not a dream I'm still chasing. But I still really love video games. So that's why I'm coming back. Maybe it's just for me, but maybe it's for you too.

The other reason I wanted to start writing again is Final Fantasy 15. This game has been a long time coming, and I can't help but want to talk about it with the world, as I have been doing for the past month. I was going to start back on the blog sooner, but I kept putting it off, like I do most things in life, especially creative endevors, and ending sentences. One thing that was holding me back was trying to make sure I had a voice, a cohesive message, but who am I kidding, I don't at all. I have no professional writing education, the best thing I can say is I passed enough English classes to graduate college. But I'm not going to let that, or grammar (like not starting a sentence with 'But') stop me. I won't get better without trying, so here is me trying.

This post is more about correct English than it is about video games... But this is what I want to say. I want to try and post daily, or there abouts. It might not always be perfect, I'll most likely be in a rush to get something up, so I can't go and ponder everything as carefully as I'd like to if I had all the time in the world, but hell I'm gonna write, and it's gonna be about video games (and maybe some board games, I like them too). So feel encouraged to give feedback and be involved, or maybe just try and tune in to the topics you find interesting.

I'll see you tomorrow!

Aww crap I forgot the part about how this is kinda a New Years resolution, oh and the part about my new PC so now I can game capture and all that... ok well maybe that will come down the line, let's stick to writing for now.


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