Top Ten Gaming Moments - 5

 I can’t pick a favorite game, but Final Fantasy Tactics is top two. There are so many epic moments to the game it’s had to know where to start when I think about it. But when I first thought of this game one moment stood out instantly. Weigraf is my favorite non-playable character. He says my favorite quote ever (I actually put it in my year book in high school senior year I do believe). Weigraf is a heavy influence on everything that happens in the beginning of the game, cultivating in a battle at the end of the first chapter. Later on near the end of the game he shows up again. This time you must not only fight him, but you have to fight him in his super form, Velias. When Weigraf uses the zodiac stone to transform he also calls down 3 demons to fight along side him. This become a truly tough battle. In the end you must come out victorious, but the getting there is a hard journey. Weigraf pulls out all the stops in this epic battle. This battle really stands out to me because it show all of the magical properties that make the game great to me. While you fight Weigraf in his human form, you have a back and forth banter about the state of the war and of the world. It really is a great moment. 


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