Top Ten Gaming moments - 7

Would you kindly. I was a little late to the Bioshock game. It took me a while get to playing some of the xbox greats. One summer to took to conquering Bioshock. The games visuals were stunning and the environment was awe striking. The best part of the game though was the story. Being stuck in this underwater city filled with these creatures and big daddies, reading the experiences and listening to the audio files of these high profile citizens of rapture as I journey forth really set the mood matching the disturbing scenery. The story cultivates in a confrontation with the creator of this Utopian underwater dome. The twist when you learn of your brain control by the one you trusted as a friend was an amazing moment for me. Really made the game come into focus for me. It completed the story for me. Although this is just one climax in the road during the game and not the end (you need your revenge of course it) cements the crazy tone of the story and really brings it home. Bioshock is one of those games that became an instant classic and its no wonder why. Something everyone should enjoy at some point.


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